Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden files for divorce from Christeline Petersen

Dimitri Snowden and Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife
Dimitri Snowden has filed for divorce from sister wife, Christeline Petersen. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister wife star Dimitri Snowden has filed to end his marriage from his third wife, Christeline Petersen.

The 40-year-old TLC star filed in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday, according to TMZ.

Snowden and Petersen don’t share any children together. Dimitri has three children with his first wife, Ashley, and Christeline has two daughters of her own from a previous relationship in South Africa.

Dimitri’s filing comes amid the abuse allegations Christeline filed earlier this year

The divorce filing comes on the heels of Christeline’s abuse allegations against both Dimitri and Ashley. The South African native filed for orders of protection against both of the Snowdens and was granted temporary restraining orders.

In January, Christeline, who the Snowdens refer to as Chrissy, claimed that Dimitri slammed her head into their bed’s headboard and claimed that he choked her during sex, despite her asking him to stop, and sustained bruises, scratches and redness on her neck.

She also claimed that Ashley was verbally abusive and prevented her from leaving the home the family shared, along with Christeline’s two daughters, as well as Dimitri and Ashley’s three children.

They had their day in court last month, and a judge dissolved the orders of protection and tossed the case, claiming that Christeline didn’t meet the burden of proof to sustain her claims. Dimitri also provided text messages in court that he claimed were from Chrissy, saying that she enjoyed the choking.

Fans of the show have been wondering how Dimitri could have filed for divorce if there was no legal marriage. Many speculate that Dimitri brought Christeline to the United States on a K1 spousal visa, which would have allowed her to stay in the country if the couple wed.

Seeking Sister Wife fans speak out, many have questions about divorce filing

A popular reality TV blogger shared the Dmitri Snowden divorce news and many followers were confused, as most fans of the show weren’t aware that he was legally married to any of his wives.

The Snowdens of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Fans of the show were confused about the divorce filing, as most weren’t aware Dimitri and Chrissy were ever married. Pic credit: @johnyates327tv/Instagram

One follower asked, “How do you file for divorce from someone you aren’t actually married to?”

Another fan of the show brought up the spousal visa as a reason the two would have gotten married: “He’s only Married to her so she could move her on a visa from Africa- hes never married any of them including the original so called wife”

One fan speculated that Dimitri and Christeline used a spousal visa, like couples use on the popular show 90 Day Fiance, “What?? Was he not married to his original wife??? I didn’t know this was a legal marriage. Or did they do the whole 90 day fiancé thing since she was from South Africa?”

Fans of the show speculated that Dimitri married Christeline on a K-1 or a spousal visa to allow her to stay in the country

The Snowdens of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Fans of the show speculated Dimitri and Christeline married on a K1 spousal visa to allow her to stay in the country. Pic credit: @johnyates327tv/Instagram

Dimitri and his first wife, Ashley, previously addressed their spiritual unions

Dimitri and Ashley revealed on the show that they chose not to legally wed, as they didn’t want jealousy with any future sister wives over title or status in the relationship.

When Vanessa Cobbs married Dimitri and Ashley in a wedding ceremony at the end of Season Two, the union was strictly spiritual. The same goes for Tayler Middleton, who left Atlanta to live with the Snowdens in Los Angeles.

Viewers watched this week as Tayler left the Snowdens and told Dimitri via video chat that she was happy with her career and wouldn’t be returning, in a shock to the Snowdens.

At the time, Christeline was still living with the Snowdens along with her two young daughters. She had flown to Los Angeles last-minute right as news of the pandemic hit, and was able to secure a flight from South Africa.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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