Seeking Sister Wife star Tayler Middleton says ‘I know too much to be silenced,’ and ‘throw the whole show away!’

The Snowdens and Taylor Middleton of Seeking Sister Wife
Tayler Middleton of Seeking Sister Wife is speaking out amid the abuse scandal involving polygamous couple Dimitri and Ashley Snowden and is calling for the show to be cancelled. Pic credit: TLC

Tayler Middleton of Seeking Sister Wife has spoken out indirectly to the Snowdens amid their domestic abuse scandal, saying that she knows “too much to be silenced” and wants to “throw the whole show away.”

Earlier this week, Tayler, a henna artist from Atlanta, Georgia, who courted the Snowdens on Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, has called for the show to be canceled after she shared a post on Instagram.

Her post was a gif of trash being tossed into a trash can and including the words, “Sick of fake news Sick of the lies I’m nobody’s enabler Throw the whole show away!”

Tayler captioned her post, “?FOH! I said WTF I said! I know too much to be silenced! ??? #bantheshow #pullthefamily#quitenabling #thisshitissick #seekingsisterwife #seekingsisterwives #CANCELseekingsisterwife #TLC”

One of Tayler’s followers, actress Ariadne Joseph, took to the comments to show her support for Tayler and denounced the Snowdens, claiming that they are “abusive manipulators.”

One of Tayler’s friends claims the Snowdens made ‘all the women’ sign NDA’s

She wrote on Tayler’s post, “The Snowdens are abusive manipulators. They made all the women sign NDA’s because they knew exactly what they planned to do to them. Dimitri Snowden needs to be in prison not in reality TV!”

“It’s all fake! Those women were all in danger and TLC didn’t say anything, no warnings. They allowed this shit to continue! I stand with you sis @iamdivinesol ???”

Vanessa Cobbs, ex-wife of the Snowdens, and Christeline Petersen, a potential sister wife of the Snowdens who filed for protective orders against Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, both showed their support in the comments and both women shared Tayler’s post in their own Instagram stories.

It appears that Tayler, Vanessa, and Christeline signed NDAs, barring them from speaking about the abuse allegations

It appears that all of the Snowdens’ potential sister wives signed NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) according to comments from fans and their reluctance to speak out on the topic in any detail.

Tayler Middleton of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Tayler’s friend showed her support and called out the Snowdens as “abusive manipulators,” claiming they made all their potential sister wives sign NDA’s. Pic credit: @iamdivinesol/Instagram

Tayler told a follower she ‘can’t’ speak about the accusations

When one follower asked Tayler to “Please tell..” she replied, “Pa’ran… I can’t ??”

News of the accusations against the Snowdens broke last week when it was reported that Christeline Petersen filed for a protective order against both Dimitri and Ashley Snowden.

Court documents from various sources showed that Christeline, a resident of South Africa, accused Dimitri of slamming her head into a headboard repeatedly and said he choked her during sex, leaving scratches and bruises on her body. Christeline said, “He choked me during sex, even though I told him not to. The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it.”

Tayler Middleton of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
When a fan asked Tayler to give details about the abuse allegations, she claimed she couldn’t and showed a sad emoji and one with its mouth zipped shut. Pic credit: @iamdivinesol/Instagram

In another filing, Christeline accused Dimitri’s first wife, Ashley, of abuse as well, saying that Ashley called her names and claimed, “She also threw a bottle at me. She was verbally abusive and called me names.” She also said that Ashley “Shoved me to prevent me from leaving the home my husband and I shared with her.”

Christeline feared for her two young daughters, who were also living with the Snowdens. Christeline’s daughters are said to be afraid of Dimitri “as he often yells and punches the walls or furniture.”

Christeline left South Africa and flew to the United States to stay with the Snowdens in Los Angeles at the height of the pandemic, as seen in last night’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife.

She initially came to visit the Snowdens in person without her children, to see how their relationship would work, and caught a last-minute flight later in the year with her two daughters to join fellow potential sister wife, Tayler Middleton.

Dimitri has been silent amid the abuse scandal, but Ashley has spoken out

Dimitri Snowden has been quiet amid the abuse allegations scandal, but Ashley recently spoke out. Ashley said that she and her family “faced egregious attempts at defamation” when she shared a pic of her children asleep in the courthouse on the day she and Dimitri faced Christeline in court.

The restraining orders were dissolved since the judge couldn’t prove Christeline’s relationship with the Snowdens, as there are no legal marriages involved.

In the meantime, Tayler, Vanessa, and Christeline are sticking together against the Snowdens. Only time will tell if more details will be disclosed in the scandal.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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