Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden shares pic of her kids in courthouse, says they ‘faced egregious attempts at defamation’

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife
After news broke that restraining orders were filed against herself and her husband Dimitri Snowden, Ashley shared a pic of her kids inside the courthouse, and called Christeline Petersen’s accusations “egregious attempts at defamation.” Pic credit: TLC

After news broke earlier this week that Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline Petersen had filed for restraining orders against Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, Ashley shared a picture of her kids inside the courthouse, saying her family has “faced egregious attempts at defamation.”

Earlier this week, the Snowdens made headlines when it was reported that their potential sister wife, Christeline, had filed a restraining order against Dimitri for domestic abuse, claiming Dimitri was “slamming my head into the headboard” and that he was violent during sex, saying, “he choked me during sex, even though I told him not to. The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it.”

Soon after, it was discovered that Christeline also filed a restraining order against Ashley, claiming in her court documents that Ashley “shoved me to prevent me from leaving the home my husband and I shared with her,” adding, “She also threw a bottle at me. She was verbally abusive and called me names.”

Restraining orders filed against Ashley and Dimitri were dissolved this week

Both of the restraining orders were dissolved by a judge who didn’t have enough information to determine Christeline’s place in the marriage. Dimitri had also offered evidence in the form of text messages that he claims proved Christeline enjoyed the rough sex.

Their day in court came this past Wednesday, and Dimitri’s wife Ashley shared a pic of her kids asleep in the courtroom with a caretaker, who, according to Ashley, “stood in the gap for me while my family faced egregious attempts at defamation.”

Ashley shared a pic of her kids asleep in the courtroom

Ashley included a long-winded explanation in her caption: “I missed posting for #internationaldanceday yesterday, but wanted to drop this #throwback because as most of my day one’s know, dance is a huge part of my life, and one of my first fluent forms of expression as a child.”

“Picture [number one emoji] is of my Kumu Hula (Hula teacher) and very dear sister friend using her hula hips as a safe place for the babies to nap this past Wednesday in our day of court. At some point I’ll gather the strength to share that story, but for now, I’m simply grateful for friendship and true sisterhood,” the caption continued.

“Both Kumu and my sister (as well as many of my loved ones and friends from afar) stood in the gap for me while my family faced egregious attempts at defamation. [lemon emoji] This beautiful soul right here brought so much light to an otherwise heavy time, and I am deeply grateful to her for once again showing me the various ways Hula can save ones’ life,” she added.

“Picture [number two emoji] is a snippet of a dance cover I did for my 1 year Hula anniversary of dancing with Kumu (the first pic is 10 days after my 2 year Hula anniversary— there is a divinity in the timing of life). I shared my history with Hula and why I chose this particular song on IGTV in May of 2020, but as we all know, so much can change in a year!” She exclaimed.

“Looking at this video now, I bare witness to my own growth as a haumana hula (hula student), mother, woman, and human. I am beyond proud of that growth and the path the continues to reveal itself before me,” she continued.

“Hula is one of the many forms of dance expression I love, but it’s the only one I’ve been “classically” trained in. I’ve taken numerous dance classes over the years and around the world, but have never trained this long to the level of performance (not just displays of talent), nor have I ever had such reverence for a dance style and a teacher (and I’ve been blessed to have some amazing dance instructors!),” she added.

“Sticking with Hula, showing up to classes both in person and virtually even when I wanted to do other things, having a tribe of sisters (+ a few brothers) that I can support and rely on in both our brightest and darkest moments, having that Ohana (family) energy present amongst our halau (hula school)… I am beyond blessed and so deeply grateful,” she concluded.

The Snowden’s other potential sister wife, Tayler, showed her support for Christeline

Tayler posted the hashtag #sendinglove along with a picture of her with Christeline, seemingly supporting her once-potential sister wife. Tayler has not yet posted anything in support of the Snowdens.

It’s unclear whether Christeline has remained in the United States or returned to her native country, South Africa.

The Snowdens are one of five couples featured on this season’s Seeking Sister Wife, joining the Winders, the Clarks, the Merrifields, and the Jones.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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