Fans aren’t fond of ‘creep’ Garrick Merrifield in new Seeking Sister Wife preview clip

Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife
Garrick isn’t exactly a fan favorite on Seeking Sister Wife. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield caught some major flak when TLC shared a preview clip for this week’s episode and several fans shared that they find him downright creepy.

Garrick is one of the husbands on Seeking Sister Wife, a show that documents polygamous couples searching for additional sister wives to add to their families.

Garrick was married to Dannielle before they legally divorced to allow Garrick to marry Roberta, a Brazilian native they met online, who only speaks Portuguese.

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Garrick felt a calling from God towards polygamy and eventually persuaded Dannielle to participate

After Garrick felt a calling from God to polygamy, he convinced his wife of nearly 13 years, Dannielle, to legally divorce him so he could wed Roberta, allowing her to enter the United States on a K-1 visa.

Garrick and Dannielle’s divorce proceedings were short but emotional. Dannielle fought back tears as she told the judge that her marriage to Garrick was ” irretrievably broken.”

The couple flew to Cabo, Mexico, bringing along their two sons, to meet with Roberta, or Bert, the couple’s nickname for their future sister wife.

Garrick’s actions on the show don’t often sit well with viewers

Things got awkward when Garrick and Roberta admitted to being intimate in their hotel room, adjacent to Dannielle’s. There were a few scenes that were tough for viewers to watch, as Dannielle struggled with sharing her husband with a young, attractive new woman.

Garrick, who refers to Dannielle and Roberta as “sister,” seems unaffected by Dannielle’s suffering, putting a bad taste in many viewers’ mouths.

Many viewers took to TLC’s Instagram post to voice their disdain for Garrick

Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC on Instagram
One fan told Dannielle to “move on from this creep.” Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

One fan of the show said, “I CANNOT STAND this SOB!!! He rubs me the wrong way!!! It is SOOOOO OBVIOUS that Danielle does NOT want this!!! Danielle deserves SO MUCH BETTER!! I wish she would move on from this creep!!!! ?‍♀️?‍♀️”

Fans of the show spoke out against Garrick and his ‘creepy’ ways

One fan was disgusted by Garrick referring to Dannielle and Roberta as “sister,” and another thought Garrick needs to take responsibility when it comes to Dannielle and Roberta’s emotions.

They wrote, “Funny how he has no responsibility at all with managing healthy boundaries and healing for his wives when it comes to dealing with normal feelings of jealousy or their emotions, as he tells it. Just up to them and god to learn how to deal. Must be nice. He takes no responsibility at all for the health and balance of these relationships.”

Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC on Instagram
Fans spoke out against Garrick. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Even more fans spoke out, with comments such as, “He makes my skin crawl,” and “Use me as an “I hate GarrICK” button.” Another fan said, “on behalf of Colorado we don’t claim him ?”

Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC on Instagram
More fans voiced their disdain for Garrick. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

In addition to the Merrifields, fans can catch up on more polygamous drama and follow the Snowdens, the Clarks, and the show’s only Mormon polygamists, the Winders, tonight on a new episode of Seeking Sister Wife.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Fannie Meyer
Fannie Meyer
2 years ago

I’m praying that Roberts figures out that Garrick is down right….WEIRD! He gives me cold chills! I cannot stand him!

Liz h
Liz h
2 years ago

I watch this show for the pure novelty of it. I don’t buy into any of it being accurate for the most part I believe it’s all scripted for television. However that being said, if it were real and they were trying to portray their actual lifestyle, most of the men with the exception of actually Dimitri Snowden, seem like selfish pricks that are only out to get laid by multiple women. Garrick, is an absolute selfish prick. And if he isn’t in real life the producers are making them out to look like one.