Seeking Sister Wife: The Winders explain why ‘Mormons don’t drink coffee’

The Winder Family of Seeking Sister Wife
Colton Winder and his wives, Tami and Sophie, explained Mormons’ rules about drinking coffee and alcohol. Pic credit: TLC

Colton Winder of Seeking Sister Wife took time on social media to explain how he and his wives, Tami and Sophie, view their religion’s stance on consuming coffee and alcohol.

In a post that included pics of a cup of coffee and two alcoholic beverages, the Winders gave an in-depth explanation about how they view drinking caffeine and alcohol, which are both frowned upon in their Mormon faith.

The Winders elaborated on a common statement: ‘Mormons don’t drink coffee!’

Along with the pics, the family included a lengthy caption that read, “‘Mormons don’t drink coffee!'”

“That’s true, and also not true,” he continued. “We see this statement occasionally. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (we generally refer to them as mainstream Mormons, but their leadership is trying to move them away from the Mormon moniker) are required to abstain from coffee, and alcoholic beverages, to remain in good standing.”

“Many Mormons like our family, however, do enjoy starting our morning with a cup of coffee, and occasionally partaking of a little alcohol. We don’t feel like this lessens our relationship with God,” he added.

Their religion recommends abstinence from ‘hot drinks’ and alcohol

“The difference in these views relates to a doctrine in our religion called ‘The Word of Wisdom.’ It counsels moderation in all things and healthy living. It recommends abstinence from ‘hot drinks’ and alcohol,” he stated. “The difference in belief stems largely from the fact that the original interpretation of this doctrine was that it truly was just a word of wisdom, not a commandment.”

“Following the end of plural marriage in the LDS church, the people of the United States embarked on a failed social experiment called “Prohibition.” Temperance was all the rage, and the LDS church saw involvement in the movement as a way to propel Mormons more into mainstream society and American culture. Strict abstinence of coffee, tea, and alcohol became a commandment in the church, instead of a recommendation,” he added.

The Winders consume coffee and alcohol in moderation, avoid ‘addiction and drunkenness’

“On the other hand, the people who would become the fundamentalists had largely broken away from the church before this happened, and they held to the original view that it was simply good advice, not a commandment,” he continued. “Our family holds to that more traditional view as well. So, you will find tea and coffee in our kitchen, and bottles of wine in our pantry, and we consume these in moderation, avoiding addiction and drunkenness.”

“The history behind this is obviously deeper, and if anyone cares to learn more, there are resources out there. Hopefully for those only interested in a simple history, though, this will suffice. As the Czechs (where Colton was an LDS missionary and never got to sample the local wine or beer) would say, #nazdravi,” he concluded.

The Winders are the only Mormon polygamists on this season of Seeking Sister Wife

The Winders, who have been polygamists since 2017, refer to themselves as non-denominational Mormons. Colton and first wife Tami share a daughter, Sadie, and he and his second wife Sophie share a son, Ephraim.

This season on Seeking Sister Wife, viewers are watching as the family prepares for another addition to the family. While second wife Sophie was pregnant with her and Colton’s first baby together, the plural spouses were courting a potential third wife.

The family also recently moved into one shared home, which has helped make Colton’s life easier not having to split his time between wives and children.

The Winders are one of several couples on this season of Seeking Sister Wife. They join Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, Jarod Clark and his wives Vanessa and Kaleh, Sidian and his wife Tosha, and Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield and their sister wife, Roberta.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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