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The Merrifield’s go through with painful divorce in latest Seeking Sister Wife preview

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife
Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife. Pic credit: TLC

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, one of the newest couples from Seeking Sister Wife, went through with their painful divorce, as seen in a clip for this week’s episode.

Dannielle explained that she and Garrick were about the head into the courthouse to finalize their divorce. Garrick and Dannielle are legally divorcing so that Garrick can marry their new sister wife, Roberta.

Both Garrick and Dannielle said they were nervous before they went inside the courthouse. Each of them removed their wedding rings and left them in their truck.

Dannielle told the cameras, “Actually getting divorced is a big step. I can see how people would think that’s insane and crazy. I mean, I have only met Roberta for nine days in the course of one year. So, I barely know her in that sense.”

She continued, “And then there’s also the part that it’s like, that marriage certificate that’s in my file cabinet at home doesn’t mean anything.”

Dannielle told the cameras that she and Roberta have a “connection as friends and sisters, but… it’s a little hard.”

Dannielle broke down in the courtroom

During the courtroom proceedings, Dannielle got emotional and started crying when the judge asked her, “Do you believe that your marriage is irretrievably broken?”

It took her several seconds before she grudgingly answered, “Yes” with a shaky voice.

The cameras panned to Garrick who sat, expressionless in the courtroom.

Roberta is a 33-year-old resident of Brazil who doesn’t speak English

The Merrifields met their future sister wife, Roberta, online. Roberta only speaks Portuguese, so there is a language barrier between them. They use language-changing apps to communicate.

When they met her in person for the first time, they met in the middle geographically and settled on Cabo, Mexico as their mutual destination.

Garrick and Dannielle brought their sons, Geremiah and Solomon to meet Roberta for the first time. Things went so well after only two days, that Garrick ended up proposing to Roberta. She accepted, and the two were intimate with each other the same night (with Dannielle’s passive approval). 

In the Merrifield’s case, Roberta’s travel visa was denied, so the only other way to get her into the country was for Garrick to legally marry her. The divorce will allow Garrick to make Roberta his only legal wife.

Fans can tune in this Monday to find out what happened after the divorce and how the Merrifield’s are handling the big changes in their lives.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.