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Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield follow into Kody and Meri Brown’s footsteps

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield - Danielle Merrifield
Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield with his wife, Daninelle. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are relatively new to polygamy but they’re already making controversy. The show’s newcomers are being compared to Sister Wives couple Kody and Meri Brown for their similar strategy in achieving a plural family

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick and Danielle Merrifield explore polygamy

Garrick Merrifield and his wife, Dannielle, are the newest faces on Seeking Sister Wife. The couple, who lives in Buena Vista, Colorado, has been married for 13 years and has two kids.

The two were also devout Christians for years before they became interested in a polygamous lifestyle. Dannielle and Garrick became curious about it after noticing that some church leaders in the Bible were polygamists.

Garrick was first to show interest in exploring plural marriage and eventually convinced his wife to embrace it as well. Although hesitant, Dannielle ended up supporting her husband.

Apparently, Danielle was “shocked” at the idea of having multiple wives in their household. But after months of contemplating, she finally agreed to it.

As soon as Garrick got Danielle’s approval, he started his search for a future wife. The Seeking Sister Wife star is eager to make drastic changes in their family to fulfill polygamy.

How they met Roberta?

It didn’t take long for Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield to find a potential sister wife. The couple joined a polygamous dating site where they met Roberta.

She’s a Christian woman from Brazil who only speaks Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, Roberta managed to get along well with Dannielle and Garrick and their two sons.

The Seeking Sister Wife couple and Roberta met in Mexico after just three months of talking. The trio felt an instant connection with each other, so they wasted no time. On the second night, Garrick proposed to Roberta. They also got intimate the same night.

Although Dannielle agreed to polygamy, she couldn’t help but feel jealous when Garrick spent the night with Roberta. The Seeking Sister Wife star said she was left alone in the room and cried.

Seeking Sister Wife fans see similarities with Kody and Meri Brown

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are close to finally starting their life as a polygamous family, but there’s a catch. For Roberta to come to America, she’ll need to apply for a K-1 visa.

To do that, Garrick needs to divorce Dannielle so he can officially marry Roberta. This strategy is similar to what Kody and Meri Brown did in Sister Wives except with the K-1 visa twist.

Kody divorced Meri and married his supposed favorite wife, Robyn Brown. Fans couldn’t help but compare the two couples because of this. Some think it’s likely that Dannielle will end up like Meri, whose relationship with Kody took a turn for the worse after their divorce.

Interestingly, Dannielle fears it might actually happen to her. She revealed that Garrick considered divorcing her multiple times in the past.

“It is scary,” Danielle confessed. “If Garrick leaves me and runs off with Roberta, I could be left with nothing. I just have to trust that Garrick’s not leaving me and that living a plural lifestyle is about building our family.”

All new Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays on TLC and Discovery+.

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