Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden claims Christeline Petersen abandoned their marriage

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife
Dimitri Snowden claimed in divorce documents that Christeline abandoned their marriage. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden claimed in divorce documents released earlier this week that his soon-to-be ex-wife, Christeline Petersen, abandoned their marriage.

Dimitri made headlines recently following abuse allegations brought against him by Christeline, and the polygamous reality star reportedly doesn’t know where Christeline or her two daughters are.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Dimitri filed for divorce on May 11 in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles.

Christeline filed for orders of protection one day after she separated from Dimitri

Documents obtained by Starcasm show that Dimitri and Christeline married on July 9, 2020 and that the couple separated on January 21 of this year, one day before Christeline filed for restraining orders against both Dimitri and his first (spiritual) wife, Ashley Snowden.

Christeline alleged that Dimitri was physically abusive, slamming her head into a headboard and choking her during sex. She also claimed that Ashley was verbally abusive and prevented her from leaving the home they all shared.

Another one of Dimitri’s exes, Ariadne Joseph, gave several interviews recently where she said that Christeline and her daughters were in hiding, which would support Dimitri’s claim that he doesn’t know where they are.

Dimitri claimed he doesn’t know Christeline’s whereabouts

In the divorce documents, under “other requests,” Dimitri checked “other” and wrote in, “Respondent has abandoned the marriage. I do NOT know her whereabouts.”

Dimitri also notified the courts that he and Christeline do not share any property nor assets and have no children together.

Followers of the abuse scandal questioned how Dimitri could be married to more than one wife legally, but as the Snowdens stated in the first season of the show, Dimitri and Ashley were never actually legally married to avoid any future conflict regarding the title of “wife.”

It’s believed Dimitri applied for a K1 spousal visa in order to marry Christeline and keep her in the country

Being that Christeline is a South African native and is not a United States citizen, it’s believed Dimitri would have applied for a K1 spousal visa, allowing Christeline to stay in the country to be with him and his family.

Dimitri, Ashley and Christeline Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife
Dimitri, Ashley and Christeline during happier times. Pic credit: TLC

Viewers watched on Seeking Sister Wife last week as Tayler, another one of the Snowdens’ potential sister wives, left the family and decided to go her own way, as Christeline stayed behind.

Tayler Middleton, along with Vanessa Cobbs, the Snowdens’ ex-wife, and Ariadne Joseph, have all rallied their support for Christeline since she made her allegations of abuse.

Actress Ariadne released emails and texts exchanged between herself, TLC’s parent company, and Dimitri and Ashley, giving a glimpse of the type of treatment she received at the hands of the Snowdens.

The Snowdens’ exes have spoken out in a limited capacity as NDAs are suspected

All of the Snowdens’ exes have hinted that there is more to their stories than they have spoken about so far, but Ariadne disclosed that they’ve all signed NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), barring them from speaking in detail about any of the allegations.

Ashley Snowden, who recently suffered a miscarriage, has vaguely addressed the claims brought against herself and her husband, but Dimitri has yet to publicly comment on the scandal.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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