Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden says she’s ‘protected’ amid abuse scandal

Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife and Christeline Petersen, Vanessa Cobbs, and Tayler Middleton
Ashley Snowden sent another message to her supporters and indirectly threw shade at her accusers in another Instagram post. Pic credit: TLC

Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife has made headlines recently for the alleged abuse that took place against former potential sister wives, and she had a message for her supporters, and seemed to indirectly throw shade at her accusers.

After Ashley and Dimitri’s potential sister wife, Christeline Petersen, alleged that the couple abused her and filed for restraining orders against both Ashley and Dimitri, Ashley spoke out.

Most recently, Ashley sent a message to her supporters and wanted them to know she feels ‘protected’

On Thursday evening, Ashley shared her message, along with a selfie of herself, showcasing her ever-present bindi on her forehead, and her new shorter haircut.

She told her followers, “Business first: My Etsy shop is back open! ??”

“It’s rare that I react to situations that occur in my life. I’m not a reactionary person (with the exception of danger or crossed boundaries— then I can think/move very quickly). Instead I choose to move with as much intention as possible because I love and respect myself, and I don’t ever want to have to apologize for stepping outside of myself due to reactivity.”

Ashley implied that her accuser and their supporters aren’t telling the truth

“I know a lot of you want answers to the swirling drama surrounding me. And trust, every day it is real work not to match the energy that’s being targeted my way. In being true to myself however, I will not react, or be forced into any corner, especially when those talking aren’t doing so honestly. We all have a story, but telling it with integrity is so very important.”

Ashley said that she is ‘protected,’ and that her ‘level of scrutiny is intensified’ because she’s on TV

“I remind myself daily, that I’m protected, and that because I’m on television, the level of scrutiny is intensified and as a result, make things feel much more urgent than they are.”

“Keeping this in perspective, knowing justice has already been served and that the urgency of the naysayers isn’t my urgency, helps me to show up to my life and the little people who are on the receiving end of my energy daily— my children. I know I will have the opportunity to speak my truth on these things, so there’s no rush.”

“Those who know me and my situation have given me so much love and support over the last couple months, and I’m so very grateful! But I’m human. I’m a mother with children to look out for, and though I may not react to every little comment, listen to every rumor, or watch the videos, I know what’s being shared and I’m collecting the data.”

Ashley turned off comments to ‘protect the energy’ of her space and avoid drama

“In the meantime, I’ve turned off comments to protect the energy of this space. Every thing I’ve shared up to this point, and all that comes after, is sacred to me. I’ve helped and been helped by many in this space over the years. Folx who are attracted to the drama can get it elsewhere. Those who need to reach me, know how to.”

“Thank you deeply to everyone who has sent prayers and positive messages during this time! I see them and they have been so very helpful ???”

Seeking Sister Wife fans were shocked to learn of the reported abuse allegations brought against Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, after Christeline Petersen filed for restraining orders against them, which were both later dissolved by a judge.

Christeline, a South African native, moved to the United States along with her two young daughters to be with the Snowdens, but claimed that things turned physical when she alleged physical, sexual, and verbal abuse.

Petersen claimed that Dimitri slammed her head into a headboard multiple times and choked her during sex. She also claimed that Ashley prevented her from leaving the home they shared and threatened her verbally, scaring her two young daughters.

Ashley’s accuser has received support from other potential sister wives who have courted the Snowdens

Another potential sister wife, Tayler Middleton, is featured on this season of the show, as well, and though she seems to be contractually bound from divulging too many details about the allegations, she’s spoken out in support of Christeline.

The Snowdens’ ex-wife, Vanessa Cobbs, also spoke out about the abuse allegations, supporting Christeline and Tayler.

Surprisingly, a fourth woman has come forward alleging abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the Snowdens. Actress Ariadne Joseph gave several interviews detailing her encounters, as she once lived with the Snowdens as part of a polygynous relationship.

Ashley has been sharing cryptic posts and vague messages, addressing the accusations, and told followers recently that she’s “experiencing hardships.” And the day of her court proceedings with Christeline, Ashley shared a pic of her children inside the courthouse, saying her family “faced egregious attempts at defamation.”

There hasn’t been any official response yet from TLC regarding the allegations, but it looks like time will bring out the truth.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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