Seeking Sister Wife: Is Tayler Middleton still with the Snowdens?

Tayler Middleton and Dimitri and Ashley Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife
Tayler Middleton was seen talking about moving in with the Snowdens this season, but off-camera, is she still with Dimitri and Ashley? Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife fans met Tayler Middleton this season on this show, as she courted the Snowdens and eventually moved in; but is she still with Dimitri and Ashley?

Earlier this season, viewers watched as Tayler’s in-person visit to the Snowdens’ home went so well that she suggested moving in when it came time for her to head back home.

Tayler meshed incredibly well with the Snowdens, as well as their three kids, and had a close relationship with fellow potential sister wife, Christeline Petersen.

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Tayler’s social media accounts seem to tell a different story

Tayler’s Instagram account gives mixed signals as far as her relationship stands with the Snowdens. In a post dated April 26, Tayler shared a pic of herself with Dimitri, with his arms around her waist and kissing her cheek while she smiled and they stood in the driveway.

In the comments of the post, a follower asked Tayler, “So y’all are still together?”

Tayler’s response was, “guess you’ll have to watch and see…”

Tayler Middleton and Dimitri Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Tayler answered a fan who asked if she was still with Dimitri on April 26. Pic credit: @iamdivinesol/Instagram

The following day, on April 27, news broke that Dimitri and Ashley Snowden had been accused of domestic abuse by Christeline, and that she was granted temporary restraining orders against the couple.

On the same day as news broke of the alleged abuse, Tayler shared a pic on Instagram of herself and Christeline.

When a fan asked why she posted the pic, Tayler answered, “this is an old photo of Chrissy and I. Just sending her my love is all.”

Tayler Middleton and Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Tayler shared a pic with Christeline the same day news broke of the abuse scandal. Pic credit: @iamdivinesol/Instagram

The Snowdens faced Christeline in court the next day, on April 28, where a judge dissolved both restraining orders against the Snowdens. Ashley posted a pic the same day of her kids asleep inside the courthouse.

On May 4, Tayler shared a pic to Instagram of crumpled paper being thrown into a trash can with the text, “Sick of fake news[,] sick of the lies[,] I’m nobody’s enabler[,] Throw the whole show away!” with the hashtag #sisterwife. She captioned the pic, “?FOH! I said WTF I said! I know too much to be silenced!”

Tayler hasn’t given a definitive answer about her involvement with the Snowdens at this point

Tayler seems to be spending her days in Mexico as of late, focusing on her work, emotional shadow healing. There hasn’t been any indication from the Snowdens’ side that Tayler is still with them, either.

Dimitri has remained quiet on social media since news broke of the abuse scandal. Ashley has shared several posts alluding to the allegations, but hasn’t directly spoken on the topic.

The Snowdens’ ex-wife, Vanessa Cobbs, also spoke out about the abuse allegations, and shared Tayler’s post with the trash can image.

Some believe that all of the Snowdens’ potential sister wives were forced to sign NDA’s (non-disclosure acts), barring them from sharing details of their abuse.

A fourth woman has come forth, actress Ariadne Joseph, supporting the abuse claims and giving interviews, sharing her own accounts of abuse at the hands of the Snowdens.

Tayler, meanwhile, shared an IG live yesterday and says that she’s “feeling abundant, I’m happy, I’m at peace, I’m empowered. I feel empowered. And I feel like us girls are getting a voice.”

“And, um, I’m gonna figure out the appropriate way to use mine in due time, not a moment before, on my time. Divine time.”

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7 on TLC.

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