Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs thanks supporters amid abuse scandal, fan claims they saw ‘huge red flag’ from Dimitri

Vanessa Cobbs and Dimitri Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife
When Vanessa Cobbs thanked her supporters amid the Snowden abuse scandal, one fan claimed they saw a “huge red flag” at her wedding to Dimitri and Ashley. Pic credit: TLC

When former Seeking Sister Wife star and Snowden spouse Vanessa Cobbs thanked her supporters amid the abuse scandal, one of her fans claimed to see a “huge red flag” from Dimitri at their wedding.

Vanessa hasn’t directly come out and addressed the abuse allegations brought against Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, but she has indirectly shown her support for Christeline Petersen, who filed the claims against the Snowdens.

Back in January of this year, Christeline, a former potential sister wife of the Snowdens, filed restraining orders against both Dimitri and Ashley, claiming physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. Both restraining orders were dissolved by a judge.

Vanessa seemed to show solidarity with the women when she first shared a pic of the inside of her palm painted with a simple purple heart, representing solidarity with victims of domestic violence. In another post, Vanessa shared a series of quotes related to narcissists, victims, and lying.

Vanessa thanked her supporters and said she feels ‘very grateful’ and ‘hopeful about the future’

On Sunday morning, Vanessa shared a video with her followers of her feet at the edge of the sand and water at the beach, with the song Lesson Learned by Alicia Keys playing.

She captioned her post, “Thank you all. Feeling very grateful these days and hopeful about the future.⁣ ⁣Luke 12:2⁣”

One of Vanessa’s fans claimed to see a ‘huge red flag’ from Dimitri at their wedding

In the comments, one of Vanessa’s followers claimed they were at her wedding to Dimitri and Ashley, and said they saw a “huge red flag” when Dimitri got into an argument with his sister during the reception.

The comment read, “You are such a strong survivor. I love you. When I was at your wedding to the Snowden’s, I will never forget how he treated his sister and hearing her scream ‘get off me.’ It was a huge red flag… ???”

“I’m so happy you are healthy, safe, happy and healing now. @tlc is profiting off of all of your pain and needs to help protect Christeline. #believesurvivors”

Vanessa simply responded, “Love you ❤”

Vanessa Cobbs formerly of Seeking Sister Wife
One of Vanessa’s fans claimed she saw a “huge red flag” in Dimitri’s behavior at their wedding. Pic credit: @vanessacobbs/Instagram

During Dimitri’s argument with his sister, she was heard yelling ‘Get off me!’ which alarmed one of Vanessa’s fans

In the mentioned scene during the wedding reception, Dimitri’s sister, Lauren, got upset when everyone began to dance and removed herself from the party.

Dimitri walked over to ask Lauren what was going on, and the two ended up arguing. Lauren didn’t feel comfortable talking with all of the cameras around, and walked away, telling Dimitri to “have a good life.”

Cameras recorded Lauren leaving the wedding reception, and was heard yelling, “Get off me!” a few times as Vanessa held Dimitri back by his wrist as he proclaimed he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Ashley has spoken out several times about the allegations, but Dimitri has remained silent

Though Dimitri has yet to address the allegations, his first wife, Ashley, has. Ashley shared a picture of her kids inside the courthouse on the day she and Dimitri faced Christeline in court, and said that her family “faced egregious attempts at defamation.”

Last week, Ashley shared a post with her followers, telling them she was “protected” amid the abuse scandal.

The Snowdens’ other potential sister wives have all spoken out in support of Christeline’s claims

The Snowdens’ other potential sister wife, Tayler Middleton, who is featured on this season of the show, also spoke out in support of Christeline’s claims against the Snowdens, saying to “throw the whole show away!”

Recently, a fourth woman, actress Ariadne Joseph, has come forward as another of the Snowdens’ former potential sister wives, and supported the claims of abuse when she gave several interviews on the topic.

Ariadne also claimed that the other women signed NDA’s (non-disclosure agreement) that barred them from speaking out in detail, and claimed to have alerted TLC of the alleged abuse, only to be ignored.

Although Vanessa and the other women, along with many fans, have called for the cancellation of the show, there hasn’t been any official statement yet from TLC.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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