LPBW’s Matt Roloff admits that he ‘missed’ ex Amy Roloff on the farm last year

Matt and Amy Roloff of LPBW
LPBW star Matt Roloff admitted to missing Amy on the farm during last year’s pumpkin season. Pic credit: TLC

In a new preview clip for Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff admitted that he “missed” having his ex-wife, Amy on the farm for pumpkin season last year.

Amy Roloff told cameras, “I definitely said I would be participating in pumpkin season this year, but now that I’m officially not an owner anymore, it’ll definitely feel a lot different,” in the exclusive clip from next week’s episode.

Since Amy moved out of the farmhouse and into her new home, it had been a couple of months since she’d stepped foot on the property she once shared with her ex-husband, Matt.

Amy described visiting the farm again as a ‘very odd feeling’

As she walked across the farm to meet Matt on one of their UTV’s, Amy told cameras, “Time flies. It’s very strange…It’s become a place where I’m so familiar with, but yet it’s changed. And yet, did it really change? Or is it because I’m not here anymore? It’s a very… it’s a very odd feeling.”

It makes sense why Amy would have apprehensions about visiting the farm after moving away, after having spent 30 years of her life there. It’s where she once called home and where she raised her and Matt’s four children, twins Jeremy and Zach, daughter Molly and son Jacob.

Amy was meeting Matt at the farm to discuss the upcoming pumpkin season, and he informed her that they were a month behind, and trying to figure out how to operate safely, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Matt took Amy on a tour of the farm to prepare her for operations during the pandemic. Pic credit: TLC

Matt told cameras that he invited Amy to the farm to discuss how pumpkin season was going to work with new safety measures in place, and he drove her to a portion of the farm where he thought she’d want to help with operations.

One of the main reasons Amy didn’t participate at the farm was her mother’s passing

“There were several reasons that I didn’t participate last year with the main one being that my mom had passed away,” Amy explained to cameras, “You know, I’m looking forward to being involved again this year.”

Matt and Amy drove around the property, as he explained what the plans were, as far as guest parking, and where things would be set up.

Matt confessed that he ‘missed’ Amy not being at the farm

During a solo confessional, Matt told cameras, “You know, last year was tough. We missed her and we wanted her there, but we understood. So this year, she jumps right back into her old role, greeting people and being kind of the face of the family.”

Matt and Amy continued their tour of the farm, and he showed her some of the new structures, such as the Sasquatch statue he purchased earlier this season, which their son, Zach didn’t fully approve of.

Amy was a bit apprehensive about visiting the farm, but it turned out that it wasn’t anything for her to worry about

“It didn’t feel as different or weird as I would have thought, driving around the farm. I have a different perspective of this place. Um, it’s not mine anymore, and what I’m doing is business,” she stated.

On last week’s episode, it was revealed that Amy accepted Matt’s second offer to buy her out from the farm, and she ended her ownership on the property.

In a recent episode, Matt offered for Amy and her fiance, Chris to use the farm as their venue for their upcoming wedding. Initially, Amy was adamantly against the idea, though Chris was fully on board with the idea.

It’s no surprise that Amy wouldn’t want to get married on her ex-husband’s property where there are so many memories, but reportedly, she has come around and agreed to use Roloff Farms as her wedding venue.

Earlier this month, Amy revealed why she was glad Matt offered the farm as a venue and admitted that she’ll “always miss the farm.”

This season, fans of the long-running show will get to watch Amy’s wedding planning, and as Zach Roloff put it, viewers can expect “a little bit of drama, a lot of fun, ups and downs, especially in our world.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.