LPBW: Amy and Chris disagree over getting married on Roloff Farms after Matt extends offer

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
Amy Roloff and her fiance Chris Marek weren’t on the same page when it came to Matt’s offer to get married on Roloff Farms. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World disagreed with her fiance, Chris Marek, about getting married at the farm after her ex-husband, Matt, suggested it to the couple.

In the premiere episode for Season 22, viewers watched as Matt and Caryn visited Amy and Chris at their new house, a day sooner than their housewarming party was scheduled.

It was the first time the two couples were together without any other friends or family, and everyone was worried that things might become awkward.

As they sat outside, enjoying snacks and drinks, the four of them talked about Matt’s ongoing plans at the farm, including building his new dream house. The topic turned when Caryn brought up Amy and Chris’s wedding plans.

Matt offered the farm as an option to Amy and Chris

Chris explained that he and Amy were looking to find a venue as their first priority in their wedding planning. Matt interjected and told Amy and Chris, “We think you should do it at the farm.”

Both Amy and Chris looked surprised at Matt’s offer and both of them asked him, “Really?” while Amy gave a look of uncertainty.

Matt then said, “That didn’t just spontaneously… we thought, actually… you know, if you want to.”

Amy was skeptical, but Chris was open to the idea

“Yeah, well, I don’t know about that,” Amy responded.

Chris, who has admitted that he regrets filming his proposal to Amy, opened up and said, “I would be open to that.”

Caryn added, “Matt has been adamant about that since day one.”

Amy told cameras during her confessional, “When Matt offered the farm as a wedding venue, I mean, unfortunately, my mind went to ‘why? What’s in it for you?’ And it could be nothing, but I think there’s just certain history with him that makes me question whatever sincerity he had in just saying that.”

She continued, “And I, you know, to me, I find that sad.”

Matt felt that Amy getting married on the farm ‘makes sense’

Matt promised he wouldn’t “make any rules” and that it would be free, not costing them a penny for a venue, and explained during his confessional that because of the pandemic, a lot of wedding venues are in short supply.

Matt also thought that it “makes sense” to make Amy and Chris feel welcome.

He shared, “I think that would bring full circle her, you know, involvement here on the farm and the years that she, you know, was here and so I hope they decide to do it. But if they don’t I’ll understand that, too.”

Chris listed reasons why getting married on the farm was a good idea, but Amy wasn’t having it

Chris named why he would be up for getting married on the farm.

“So the advantage on the farm is that we could actually pick the date. It’s really a great venue for a wedding. I mean, there’s plenty of room for parking, it’s close to the house, it’s familiar ground… there are a lot of pluses,” he explained.

Chris turned to Amy during their confessional and told her, “If we decide to do this, I can work it out with Matt. And that way you don’t have to get emotionally involved.”

Amy, who fans think should get her own spinoff show, quickly pointed towards Chris and told cameras, “Okay, that’s not happening!”

“Why not?” asked Chris.

“I’m not laughing,” Amy said with a serious face as Chris continued to laugh.

Amy was satisfied with discussing the venue later, but became irked when Chris kept talking about the possibility with Matt

Back outside, Chris told Matt that he thought his offer was cool, and was interested because then he and Amy could choose which date they wanted to get married.

But Amy still wasn’t sold on the idea and told Chris, “We’ll discuss it.”

However, Chris wasn’t done.

He continued explaining to Matt and Caryn that he and Amy hadn’t bothered to pick a date yet because they had limited options as to which venues were available due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt, who fans put on blast for “minimizing” his son Jacob’s molestation claims, said that if they did decide to use the farm as a venue, Amy and Chris wouldn’t even be obligated to invite him and Caryn.

Earlier this year, a source reported that Matt and Caryn hadn’t yet received an invitation to the wedding, although they were expecting to attend.

Amy confessed that getting married on her ex’s property would be ‘kind of weird’

Back in her confessional, Amy said, “I’m not sure how I feel about getting married on the farm. Even though I still co-own the property with Matt, there’s a big part of me that doesn’t feel like I’m really a part of it.”

“You know, there’s parts of me that, you know, maybe wish I was back because it just holds so many memories but there’s definitely parts of me that says, ‘No way,’ I’m starting a new life with someone else, so it’s kind of weird that I’m getting married on my ex’s property.”

Fans of the show can catch the rest of Amy and Chris’s wedding planning and see if they decide on the farm as a venue as the new season continues.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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