Chris Marek regrets filming proposal to Amy Roloff on Little People Big World

Marek regrets that his proposal to Amy was captured by TLC
Chris Marek regrets that his proposal was captured on camera. Pic credit:@amyjroloff/Instagram

Little People Big World is in its 20th season, and the heartwarming proposal between Chris Marek and Amy Roloff is now playing out on TV.

The couple got engaged in 2019. However, they haven’t revealed the details about the romantic gesture, so they didn’t spoil the reveal when the show aired.

However, now that TLC has officially aired the proposal, the couple is speaking out about it, and we learned that Chris already has regrets.

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Don’t worry, and there is no trouble in paradise for the two, they are still on track to get married, but there’s something that Chris wishes he had done differently.

TLC camera’s filmed the proposal

Camera’s were front and center to capture this monumental moment in the couple’s life, but it was added pressure for Marek.

The 55-year-old spoke with US Weekly about the memorable moment, saying:

“After it was over, I really regretted that the cameras were there because I didn’t like anyone else seeing it… I wasn’t expecting those waves of emotion to overtake me like that. I was sorry that there were other people that got to see that.”

The proposal went down during Marek and Roloff’s third-anniversary dinner, and leading up to their special day, Chris revealed he was nervous about the whole thing.

He knew that he would propose to the mom-of-four but hadn’t quite figured out exactly how he was going to do it.

“The last three years with Amy have been wonderful, and I see a future with Amy, but as far as how the actual proposal will go, I still don’t have it quite figured out — exactly what I’m gonna say and how I’m gonna do and it how its all gonna play out,”

He added, “The ring is stashed in the car. It’s in the console!”

Amy Roloff was surprised

Despite the fact that Chris would have done things a little differently, Amy was more than happy with the proposal.

She also spoke Us Weekly about the unexpected anniversary surprise saying,

“I was not expecting this one iota…..I  thought for sure, ‘No, this is too obvious. He’s not going to do it on this third-year anniversary.'”

Amy, of course, knew that a proposal was in the works sometime in the future, but she was just dressed and ready to enjoy their anniversary with no added expectations.

“We’ll still have a great time. It’ll all be nice, and we’re going to look forward to continuing on and everything, and maybe he’ll surprise me, like everyone else, during the holidays or something, I don’t know. I was totally blown away. … It was a huge surprise.”

The happy couple is planning to get married this year.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays nights at 9/8 central on TLC.

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