My 600-lb Life exclusive: Tommy’s toxic love with Amanda can be his undoing

Tommy and Amanda
A happy photo of Tommy and Amanda, but there’s something deeply wrong in this relationship, can Dr. Now help Tommy? Pic credit: TLC

On tonight’s My 600-lb Life, the reality of living with enormous weight is coming home for Tommy who must make a decision about the romantic choices he has made.

Is the woman he loves a food enabler?

In our exclusive preview clip, we meet Tommy, a young man who is clearly a food addict as he is putting away a chocolate cake all by himself.

And we hear from his girl Amanda who has a history with men who are morbidly obese.

In the preview, she explains that the relationship she was in before Tommy was with a man over 700 pounds, and who died as a direct result of his morbid obesity.

But the mystery of why Amanda is attracted to men so physically broken and helpless is going to be unraveled on tonight’s heartbreaking episode.

Can Dr. Younan Nowzaradan fix what is eating Tommy before it is too late? It would be wonderful to see Tommy have a dramatic before-and-after moment on this series.

Even more importantly, is Amanda the unbalanced type of personality to find fault and seek legal redress with a TV series trying to help her boyfriend?

And even more importantly, is Amanda’s toxic love for Tommy allowing him to remain unhealthy and make bad food decisions?

As we watch the clip, Amanda does not seem to care about Tommy’s diet, she loves mothering him and being the focus of all of his attention.

Either way, the unhealthy relationship needs to be looked at with objectivity.

Hopefully, Dr. Now and his team of psychiatrists can get to the root of why Tommy is so young but so large, and why Amanda is drawn to men who need intense medical supervision and have extreme weight issues.

Tommy’s story

When Tommy met his fiancé Amanda, he was near 600 lbs., and he was shocked that his size didn’t repulse her.

What Tommy doesn’t know yet is there is a history here, and he will soon find out is that this was not Amanda’s first rodeo with a heavy man.

Amanda’s previous lover was a morbidly obese man clocking in at over 700 pounds. She was engaged to this man, but his death has not stopped her attraction to dangerously heavy men.

Now, Tommy’s potential for a similar death is hanging in the balance.

TLC says:

“Amanda has vowed never to go through the pain of losing someone that way again, and she says she would leave Tommy before she watched that happen, but it’s happening nonetheless, as Tommy’s weight gain continues, and he knows that he will lose Amanda – or worse – if he doesn’t make a change.”

Getting on Dr. Now’s program will teach Tommy a great deal, and hopefully, get to the root of Amanda’s strange attraction to morbidly obese men, exposing the ways Amanda’s behavior undermines Tommy’s progress.

Exclusive preview of My 600-lb Life with Tommy

Watch as Tommy eats a whole chocolate cake, and Amanda explains how she loved a 700-pound man who died from obesity prior to her hooking up with Tommy:

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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