LPBW: Amy Roloff says she’ll ‘always miss’ the farm, explains why she was glad Matt asked about getting married there

Amy Roloff of LPBW
Amy went live on social media and talked about her memories of the farm and said she’ll “always miss” it. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World held an Instagram live with her BFF, Lisa Dixon, and talked about leaving the farm behind after three decades and the memories she left there.

Amy spent the majority of her life on Roloff Farms. It was her home for 30 years, and where she and ex-husband Matt Roloff raised their four kids, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob.

She recently talked with her best friend, Lisa Dixon, about how impactful it was to pack up three decades worth of things and memories.

Amy talks filming LPBW Season 22

At the beginning of the her video, Amy showed viewers that her fiance, Chris, was sitting next to her, getting ready to leave to go film a solo interview for the show.

Amy revealed that although Chris isn’t required to do many solo interviews, she still worries, “What is he going to say?” when he films without her by his side. After his solo interview, Amy told viewers that the couple would be filming a dual interview.

She explained that even though Season 22 episodes are already airing, the cast is still finishing up filming last-minute interviews and soundbites for the show.

Amy touched on her Mother’s Day weekend and how it’s a busy time of year, with her daughter-in-law Tori celebrating a birthday on May 3, her twin sons Jeremy and Zach celebrating their 31st birthday on May 10, her grandson Jackson celebrating his fourth birthday on May 12.

Although she didn’t divulge any details, Amy did share that all four of her kids are preparing for a weeklong trip together, so she helped Jeremy and Zach by babysitting her grandkids while they packed and while Zach and Tori finished up some interviews for the show, as well.

Amy talks watching Season 22

When Lisa brought up the topic of Episode One of this season of LPBW, Amy admitted that she cried watching the flashback scenes, saying that “Life moves so fast.” She admitted that she almost forgets what life was like before and said it was a good time living on the farm raising her kids and that she’ll “always miss” the farm.

Amy admitted that watching the first episode this season felt like it was “10 million years ago.”

Amy revealed that it was “hard to leave 30 years” of memories behind at the farmhouse after choosing to move off the farm and into her own home for the first time in her life.

She referred to the scenes of piles of things still left in the farmhouse that she seemingly neglected, explaining that she still had to work and raise kids while trying to sort through 30 years’ worth of household items, saying there was “so much history” in the house.

Amy revealed the ‘hardest thing’ to sort through

Amy said that the “hardest thing to go through” was sorting through it all, and deciding what to keep and what to donate or get rid of, saying that viewers would be amazed at how much she left behind. She said that the pile of things that viewers saw were things she had either gotten rid of or donated.

Amy noted that while watching the first episode, she was shocked at how much weight she had allowed herself to gain because of COVID-19. She noted that she eats everything she cooks and that as she ages, it becomes harder to lose weight and keep it off.

Amy referred to the scene where Matt and Caryn came over to see her new house

The reason why Amy explained she invited Matt and Caryn to her housewarming party, although they were unavailable to make it, is that there will likely be family gatherings in the future at her home and she wanted everyone to feel comfortable ahead of time.

Another big thing she did notice about herself is that she isn’t as good at hiding her emotions as she thinks she is.

Amy told viewers that it’s tough when you think you’re hiding your emotions, but you’re not, and admitted to thinking to herself, “You are such a fool” for allowing her body language to do the talking.

She said that her body language appeared the way it did not because she didn’t want Matt and Caryn to come, but that she was hesitant about what their conversation would be like. She was nervous about getting “intimate and personal” with them, admitting that she had to put herself in a place of thinking that her only job was to “be hospitable,” which she thinks she accomplished.

Amy admitted that she was ‘shocked and surprised’ at Matt’s offer to marry on the farm

Although Amy admitted to being “shocked and surprised” about Matt’s offer for her and Chris to get married on the farm, she revealed that she was glad he did, because it meant she wouldn’t have to approach him about it.

Viewers watched as Amy and Chris disagreed about Matt’s offer, with Amy not looking too thrilled about the idea, while Chris seemed to be on board with it.

Amy admitted that the farm is her “Plan B” for a wedding venue, noting that she and Chris are still facing issues when it comes to availability due to the pandemic. Plus, she isn’t sure what 2021 will look like as far as wedding planning goes.

Fans of the show have plenty to catch up with the Roloffs’ lives, including Amy and Chris’s wedding planning, which will be featured this season.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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