LPBW: Amy Roloff opens up to fans on Mother’s Day

Amy Roloff of LPBW
Amy Roloff answered a Mother’s Day Q&A for a special TLC post. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff answered a Mother’s Day Q&A over the weekend for TLC in honor of the holiday.

TLC included her video in a post captioned, “Happy Mother’s Day❗️ Amy Roloff answers it all in honor of #MothersDay! ? Check it all out here and catch the season premiere of #LPBW Tuesday at 9/8c.”

The first question TLC asked Amy was, “Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?”

“You know what, I don’t think I really do. When the kids were young, they would often do, like, a project at school or make a homemade card. Matt would help them with that, or got a card. And I always looked forward to that or a little note. Or we would have brunch at home or maybe we would go out to eat.

The next question read, “What’s the most rewarding part about being a mom?”

“Okay, this is going to be a tough one because what is my most rewarding part about being a mom and to tell you the truth, I would have to say everything. I was really blessed with four great kids,” said the mom of four.

Amy, who is already planning her next trip after her pre-bachelorette party in Palm Springs, added that just “being a part of” her kids’ lives was also rewarding, as well as attending their games, supporting them in what they did, in school, having their friends over, etc. “Every day wasn’t easy, but every day was a good day with them.”

One of Amy’s favorite Mother’s Day gifts actually came from her ex, Matt

The next question for Amy was, “What’s the BEST Mother’s Day gift you have received?”

School projects, artwork pieces, or handwritten cards were Amy’s favorite Mother’s Day gifts, but one gift in particular stood out to Amy: a gazebo.

Amy, who some think deserves her own spinoff show, explained that Matt had the gazebo built for Mother’s Day one year and it “still sits there over at the farm.”

When it comes to Mother’s Day meals, Amy suggested keeping cooking simple, but indulging when going out to eat

“What’s your favorite go-to Mother’s Day meal?” was the next question Amy was asked.

Pasta, seafood, and chocolate were among Amy’s favorite foods to indulge in for the holiday and she told her followers that if they’re doing the cooking, to keep it simple, but indulge if they’re going out to eat.

Next, TLC asked Amy, “Do you have any tips for new moms you’d like to share?”

“Okay, giving tips to new moms is always a hard thing because we each try to do our best for our families, love them, support them, provide for them, but I would say a couple of tips that I probably wish I did a little bit more of was really take care of yourself. Take a moment just for yourself.”

Something that Amy also advised and wished she had done more of herself was, “If you have more than one child, spend time with each child just by themselves.”

Amy revealed that being a mom has been her ‘greatest gift’

“How are you feeling this Mother’s Day?”

“I feel very fortunate, very thankful and very blessed that I was given the gift of being a mom.” She admitted that although it hasn’t always been easy, it’s been her “greatest gift.”

Amy spent time ahead of her Mother’s Day weekend with two of her grandchildren, Jackson and Ember, as well as her daughter, Molly, and had a sleepover. Amy shared with her followers, “We made flowers and decorated pots for their Mom Tori and Audrey. We played, jumped on beds, played w/ bubbles and read stories. I’m so thankful for these moments.”

Little People, Big World returns to the air for Season 22 on Tuesday, May 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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