LPBW’s Amy Roloff opens up after bachelorette party, shares plans for her next trip

Amy Roloff of LPBW
Amy shared her upcoming plans for more trips since returning from her pre-bachelorette party in Palm Springs. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Roloff of Little People Big World recently returned from a girls’ getaway trip to Palm Springs, California, with her best girlfriends to celebrate her pre-bachelorette party, and now she’s already got plans for her next trip.

Amy shared a series of videos on social media, beginning with one explaining that she had just returned from her trip to the La Quinta resort in Palm Springs, and was at home after attending mass at church.

While looking at her backyard as she panned the camera around, Amy admitted that it was “nice to be back” home in Oregon.

She admitted, though, that she missed the warm weather in sunny California. Amy talked about the next trip she has planned and admitted that it’s “kinda tricky flying now,” with the pandemic.

But Amy isn’t letting that deter her plans to see her family. She revealed that she’ll be traveling to Michigan next month to visit with her dad, her sister, the rest of her family, and a few friends.

Amy is originally from Michigan, where she attended high school and earned a degree in business from Central Michigan University.

Amy said her trip to Michigan will be her last one before “full-blown wedding planning”

Amy Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Amy was happy to be back in Oregon and get back to cooking after a trip to Palm Springs to celebrate her pre-bachelorette with her BFF’s. Pic credit: @amyjroloff/Instagram

The LPBW matriarch also made sure to capture her rescue dog, Felix, on camera and told followers she was glad to see the “little fella,” who she said was “saying hello to the neighbor,” and was glad to have his owner, Amy, home as well.

Amy revealed that it’s time to resume cooking and new recipes now that she’s back home in Oregon

She also disclosed she’ll be doing a lot more YouTube videos and plenty of wedding planning, which she admitted she’s “trying not to panic over.”

Amy Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Amy revealed her next trip and was happy to see her dox, Felix. Pic credit: @amyjroloff/Instagram

The bride-to-be looked calm and content as she continued to walk around her backyard, telling the camera that it was Sunday, the day the Lord has made, and ended by telling the camera it was a “good day” with a big smile for her followers.

Amy might have had a little bit too much fun during her pre-bachelorette getaway

Amy and her best girlfriends Lisa and Deb traveled to Palm Springs for a mid-week getaway at the La Quinta resort for some pre-bachelorette festivities before Amy ties the knot this August with fiance Chris Marek.

The reality tv star’s fans thought she was intoxicated during a live video she filmed at the resort with her BFFs, as she was giggly, had trouble pronouncing her words, and talked in circles for several minutes.

Amy’s wedding planning will be featured in the upcoming season of LPBW and fans of the long-running series can catch up with the rest of the Roloffs next week for the premiere of Season 22.

Little People Big World returns for Season 22 on Tuesday, May 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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