TLC debuts sneak peek of the upcoming season of Little People Big World

LPBW cast
The Roloffs return to the air for Season 22 of Little People Big World on May 11 Pic credit: TLC

Fans of Little People Big World have a lot to look forward to this season, and TLC gave viewers a sneak peek of what’s in store for the Roloff family for Season 22.

The clip opened with Amy Roloff telling her ex-husband, Matt, “You’re gonna get it,” while she launched balls at him from behind a blockade of hay during what appeared to be Halloween on Roloff Farms.

Bulldozers were seen tearing down some of the watch towers on the property, presumably to make room for one of Matt’s many projects on the farm.

Matt recently shared that he is ready to build his “new dream home.”

Is there trouble in paradise already for Amy and Chris?

In another scene, Amy tells her fiancé, Chris, “Welcome home,” as they sit in her kitchen at her new house.

She told Chris, “I have a feeling this is not really home to you.”

Chris addressed a pile of clutter on the kitchen counter and said, “It irritates me that I go to the trouble of clearing out a space and I come back and you put stuff in it. You’re not creating space for me.”

Next, Zach and Tori took their kids, Jackson and Lilah, for a walk in the stroller when Zach asked Tori, “Did you hear my mom’s going to buy my dad out?”

Tori asked him, “Is that a good thing?”

Rumors circulated that Matt might be renting out the farmhouse that he and Amy once called home and where they raised their four adult children.

Matt and Amy’s bickering looks to still be a big part of the storyline

During a scene where Matt and Amy seemed to be negotiating their shares of the farm, Amy was seen telling cameras, “I always knew that in the end, he would want it all.”

Matt told Amy, “I’m not making you feel sorry for me,”

She quickly interrupted and said, “Oh, I don’t Matt.”

In a somewhat awkward clip, Amy and Matt were seated together for a confessional while Matt imitated rapid-fire shots with his arms as Amy stared off into the distance.

Zach and Tori’s kids may face some health challenges this season

Tori explained to Amy that Lilah needed to see an eye doctor and wear glasses for her crossed eyes, and possibly even faced surgery.

In another confessional with Zach and Tori, Zach told cameras, “Jackson’s legs are starting to bow.”

Amy Roloff of Little People Big World
Amy got to literally take shots at Matt on the farm Pic credit: TLC

Tori is heard saying, “He will probably need surgery.”

Zach continued, “It’s the beginning of a long journey.”

Amy and Chris were seen sharing dinner with friends when she announced to them, “We do have a date,” and their dinner guests gushed with excitement.

Amy was filmed trying on wedding dresses and her friends were mesmerized when she walked out in a flowy white gown.

Amy Roloff of Little People Big World
Amy tried on wedding dresses with her BFF’s. Pic credit: TLC

Amy was overheard saying, “I’m surprised that I’m getting married again.”

It was revealed earlier this month that Amy and Chris would be tying the knot around the end of August.

Will Amy and Chris be getting married on Roloff Farms?

Amy admitted during a confessional that she was still questioning “even having the farm as a possibility of a venue.”

When Matt took Amy and Chris for a ride on the golf cart, and Amy was seated in the middle, Chris joked to the cameras, “Sandwiched between the old husband and the new.”

Reports recently surfaced that Matt and Caryn have not yet received wedding invitations to Amy and Chris’ wedding, though they were expecting to attend.

When Chris and Matt seemed to be getting along, Amy was shocked and said, “Well it seems like Chris and Matt are becoming buddies. Like, really?”

Matt’s girlfriend addressed a common theme among fans on social media when she was seen telling Tori, “I think the saddest thing that I deal with with Matt is that people think that I’m with him because, ‘Oh, she must be a gold digger, or she must be this,’ and it’s like, ‘Why do you have to think that?'”

Did Caryn accidentally spill the beans?

In the next scene, Caryn made a possible Freudian slip when she told cameras during a confessional with Matt, “I’m married to a guy that owns a pumpkin patch. How could I not be into it?”

It took her a few seconds to realize that she said “married” to Matt and she corrected herself.

She said, “I’m not married. Did I say married?”

Matt got a kick out of it as he laughed and told her, “You did!”

Matt sparked engagement rumors last month when he curiously answered a fan’s comment on Instagram.

Fans of the long-running series are certainly excited for a new season next month as they continue to follow the lives of the Roloff family.

Little People Big World is currently on hiatus, returning to the air on Tuesday, May 11 at 9/8c on TLC.

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D. W.
D. W.
2 years ago

The only thing I want to comment about is: If my son wanted to buy my house, I would be thrilled to death! Im a little concern that Amy didn’t show some positive response to Zachs wanting to buy the farm for his family! But we will see, I guess. (hope Zach and Tori gets it!)