LPBW spoilers: Amy Roloff accepts Matt’s second offer to buy her out from the farm

Matt and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Amy considered her ex, Matt’s second offer to buy her out from the farm. Pic credit: TLC

In the latest episode of Little People, Big World, it’s revealed that Amy Roloff accepted Matt’s second offer to buy her out from the farm.

Matt confessed during the episode that he already owns the south side of the farm, and that last November, he offered to purchase Amy’s portion of the north side of the farm and the pumpkin business.

Amy’s portion of the farm included many of the structures and assets on that side of the farm, and as Matt put it, a lot of headaches, as well.

Matt explained that for “some various reasons,” the original deal didn’t go through, and he felt that Amy wasn’t quite ready to sell yet at the time.

The Roloff family patriarch explained that since Amy has moved off the farm, she’ll be better able to make a business deal without so much emotion attached

Matt’s girlfriend Caryn chimed in and worried that Matt changes his mind often. She said sometimes, Matt is complaining that the farm is too much work and he wants to retire and move to Arizona. She was also concerned that if he did get the farm, Matt had to consider the time and work that goes into maintaining and managing everything.

Amy sat down with her BFFs Lisa and Deb and explained to them that “for whatever reason,” Matt pulled out of the deal he proposed back in November.

Her friends looked surprised to discover that Matt made Amy another formal buyout offer. Amy’s sentiments matched up with Matt’s when she confessed that it was a better time for her to consider selling her portion of the farm and the business.

“Now that I’m in my new house, there’s not as much gray area anymore. It’s like, this is what’s this chapter. I have no part in the farm with this chapter, it’s… it’s changed,” Amy told the confessional cameras.

Amy admitted to her friends that in the beginning, she got very emotional over the fact that the farm holds 30 years of memories, raising a family and living there.

Matt recently opened up about why their son, Jeremy, didn’t end up buying the farm, which Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, also vaguely addressed recently.

Later in the episode, Amy and Chris joined Matt, Caryn, Zach, Tori, Jackson and Lilah to watch the Tower of Terror be torn down on the farm, and Amy felt strange being back on the property.

“I think being on the farm knowing that I’m, you know, looking at a buyout offer from Matt feels very strange, very different. I may not own any of this. I’ll be a visitor here,” Amy explained of her feelings about visiting the farm in her new role.

The day finally came for Amy to sign the papers, ridding herself of the farm for good

Amy headed over to the farm to meet Matt at the barn office to sign paperwork to make their agreement official.

Matt, who is currently vacationing in Arizona with Caryn, Zach and Tori, told cameras that he realized the process was very emotional for Amy, but told Amy that it also wasn’t a very easy decision for him, either.

“I’m not making you feel sorry for me, I’m just saying this is…” Matt said before Amy interrupted, “Oh, I don’t, Matt.”

Amy told cameras of Matt’s sole ownership of the farm, “I don’t own it anymore. You have it all. So, I’m not gonna be happy for you. I find this whole process sad.”

Amy admitted that there were a lot of good memories, raising her kids on the farm, but revealed that she viewed signing the papers as a “loss,” and said, “The farm is not the end all.”

Matt and Amy’s agreement made Matt the sole owner of the farmhouse, the barn with offices, the Western town, the castle, the pumpkin business and all the buildings associated with it, or the “original farmstead,” as Matt referred to it.

The former couple signed their official paperwork and Amy said one last farewell to the farm with Chris, Zach, Tori, Jackson and Lilah as they sat around a campfire one last time.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.