LPBW: Audrey and Jeremy Roloff give vague reasons for not buying the farm ahead of social media break

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff didn’t get into details when asked why they didn’t buy Amy’s portion of the farm. Pic credit: TLC

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, former Little People, Big World stars, answered some questions about their attempt to buy the farm last year but didn’t get into specifics before mentioning that they’ll be taking a break from social media.

Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, answered some fan questions in her Instagram stories and specifically addressed questions about their plans to buy Amy Roloff’s portion of the farm.

Audrey kicked off the Q&A session by answering a question one of her followers had, which read, “Have you found a property yet? Would be cool if you could get one near your bridge[.]”

“Jer actually shared a little about that on his IG stories on his birthday because we actually put in an offer on his birthday on a property, but the seller went with the other offer.”

“It’s kinda wild because exactly one year ago right before Jer’s birthday we had put our offer in on the farm. I guess Jer’s birthday is forming a trend[.] but hopefully we will find something before his next birthday…”

Jeremy recently celebrated his 31st birthday, along with his twin brother, Zach, earlier this week. The weekend prior, Jeremy and Audrey’s nephew, Jackson Roloff, celebrated his fourth birthday.

Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW on Instagram
Audrey answered questions about the farm in her IG stories. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Audrey and Jeremy didn’t directly answer questions related to why they didn’t purchase Amy’s portion of the farm

When another fan asked, “Why didn’t you guys buy the farm?” Audrey answered with a swipe up link to her and Jeremy’s podcast, saying, “We shared about that near the end of this podcast episode that we released back in January.”

Another of Audrey’s followers asked her, “Why are you guys not buying Amy’s portion of the farm?”

Audrey answered, “We tried to last year in May. Again refer to podcast”

Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW on Instagram
Fans asked about Audrey and Jeremy’s plans to purchase property. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Neither Jeremy nor Audrey addressed the particular reasons why they didn’t purchase the farm. In their podcast episode, the couple alluded to the fact that there were too many contingencies they weren’t made aware of or were possibly misled about, which ultimately lead to them not purchasing the farm.

Some fans speculate that Matt would only accept full price and not discount the price just because they are family. Another reason might have to do with the fact that Jeremy and Audrey walked away from filming in 2018, and living on the farm may have come with some rules about still filming the show.

Another theory is that Jeremy would be more conservative than Matt when it comes to business decisions, especially financial ones. His twin brother, Zach, admitted he would be and would have butted heads with his dad when it came to making business decisions.

Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW on Instagram
Audrey answered fan questions, but didn’t give specifics. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Jeremy and Audrey referred to not being able to buy the farm as ‘the death of a dream’

In the link to the podcast, called Behind the Scenes with Jeremy & Audrey Roloff, the couple referred to not being able to buy the farm as the “death of a dream.”

Jeremy stated that he’s always wanted to buy the farm, and when he married Audrey, it became her dream as well. He told listeners that they had plans that they were working toward, which they “mapped decisions around” and called it the “north star” of their hearts.

The couple didn’t get into details, saying that listeners didn’t need to know

Audrey added that despite their plans, there were some “curveballs” and unexpected things thrown their way, leading to their “death of a dream.”

The couple only spoke vaguely about their plans to purchase the farm, and Jeremy revealed that he wasn’t going to get hung up on details because he didn’t think listeners needed to know about them.

They went on to explain that they’re now working towards new plans for their future, which still include buying a large portion of land to raise their family. Jeremy added that they “really, really” wanted the farm, but wanting it more than anything else in life might have been the problem for them.

Later in the day, Audrey revealed in an Instagram post that she and Jeremy would be taking a break from social media, saying, “Answering some frequently asked questions, sharing links, etc. in my stories yesterday and today!? We will be taking a social media break soon so ask away in my stories while you can?” and included a pic of herself and Jeremy kissing in the trees.

One of Audrey’s followers wanted to know, “Why are you taking a social media break? How do you stick to it?”

Audrey responded, “Taking some time off social media is a good thing[.] when it comes to sticking to it? Just delete all apps”

Another of Audrey’s followers pried some more into the farm situation when they asked, “Sorry to harp — who currently owns the farm if not you?”

Audrey confirmed that the farmhouse where Amy was living has been rented by someone not related to the Roloffs

“Matt currently owns the farm. We’ve never owned the farm. And the farmhouse is currently being rented out to someone not in the family,” said Audrey.

Audrey’s answer confirms news earlier this year that reported someone not in the family was renting out the farmhouse.

“Where and how much property [are] you and Jeremy looking?” was another question asked by one of Audrey’s fans.

“All over Oregon and we would love to have at least 20 acres for what we hope to do”

It was revealed on the premiere episode of Little People, Big World this season that Zach currently has his hat in the ring to purchase Amy’s portion of the farm. Matt stated that his ultimate goal would be for his twin sons, Jeremy and Zach, to co-own the farm, but that doesn’t look like a possibility.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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