Love Island USA girls reveal who they regretted going home

Love Island USA girls
Love Island USA girls. Pic credit: CBS

There has been a lot of Love Island USA drama surrounding Cinco Holland this season.

He went with Cashay Proudfoot and then he left her for Trina Njoroge, breaking Cash’s heart.

He then decided he wanted to go back to Cashay, and Trina left him because she didn’t want to be a second girl.

Now, the girls are seeing that Cinco has “checked out” when it comes to the villa. However, they also mentioned they saw someone else checked out with Jeremy Hershberg.

Love Island USA girls wished they sent Jeremy home

The girls said that they felt that having Cinco and Jeremy in the villa was a waste of space.

Shannon St. Clair then said that they regretted keeping Jeremy on the island, saying he got lucky while people like Olivia Kaiser struggled to make a connection.

Jeremy started off with Trina and then once she fell for him, he backed off. He then moved on to Aimee Flores. Once again, she fell hard, and then he backed off and moved on to Florita Diaz.

The Islanders had the choice to keep people and send someone else home, and they sent home Florita and saved Jeremy.

When she left, Florita said that she should never have stuck with Jeremy on the show when she watched the episodes and saw what he was really like.

Now, Jeremy found Genny Shawcross, and while she wants to get closer to him, he has distanced himself like with the last three girls.

Now, the girls wish he was gone.

The girls want Javonny Vega back

Not only did Shannon say that they should have sent Jeremy home, but she said that they should have saved Javonny Vega.

This is not new for fans outside the show, who always said they wanted to keep Javonny on the show, with some threatening to riot if he was sent home.

Even Love Island USA alumni were mad when Javonny left the show.

This also proved that the Islanders in the villa might not have been able to see what was really happening because they were too close to the situation.

They sent home someone who could have found love in Casa Amor and kept Jeremy, who hasn’t been able to focus on a girl for more than a few days at a time.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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