Love Island USA: Fans vote on which couple could make it in real life

Love Island USA cast
The Love Island USA cast. Pic credit: CBS

When it comes to dating shows like Love Island USA, the winning couples almost never make it in real life more than a few months after the show ends.

However, one of the dreams of some viewers and Islanders on the show is that Islanders find true love and somehow might make it work in the real world.

Out of this season’s Islanders, Love Island USA offered viewers a chance to vote on the app on who they thought would be the most likely to make it work together in the real world.

The top choice was no surprise.

1. Will and Kyra – 68.7%

Out of all the couples on Love Island USA, the one that has faced no real controversy or danger of falling apart is Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama.

Even when tempted by Olivia Kaiser, Will was honest with both Olivia and Kyra about it.

There are some questions about Kyra, as she seems overly emotional at times and always feels Will is going to hurt her, so that might hurt them in real life if they leave the island together.

2. Shannon and Josh – 19.0%

People voted Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein second, which was questionable, at best.

For one thing, on Friday night, Shannon said she didn’t think Josh would ever ask her to be his real girlfriend off of the island. Second, they seem incompatible in personal ways, with Josh still a bit immature and Shannon really judgmental.

Some people have described the couple as a high school cheerleader and football player who are perfect together in high school, but not in the real world.

However, 19% of Love Island USA fans thought they could make it in real life.

3. Cashay and Korey – 10.3%

In an interesting vote, 10.3% of Love Island USA voters chose Cashay Proudfoot and Korey Gandy.

The problem here is obvious. They coupled up so Cash could save Korey from elimination, and as fan-favorites, the fans saved them in the first fan votes.

However, shippers see a connection here, even if the Islanders don’t.

4. Trina and Cinco – 2.0%

The couple who received the least amount of votes from the current couples was Cinco Holland and Trina Njoroge.

This comes as no surprise, as most viewers don’t trust Cinco, especially since he can’t stop thinking about Cash. There is also the problem with Trina’s insecurities and constant questions about whether she can trust Cinco or not.

If they struggle this much in the villa, imagine how Trina would be if Cinco was around women in the real world.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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