Is a Below Deck alum joining the Below Deck Down Under spin-off?

Below Deck Down Under spin-off could have a Below Deck alum on it.
A familiar face may help launch the latest Below Deck spin-off, Below Deck Down Under. Pic credit: Bravo

Is a Below Deck alum joining the Below Deck Down Under spin-off? That is the question on fans’ minds after the rumor mill started buzzing that the new show will feature a familiar face.

Below Deck Down Under was announced last month. The spin-off is filming in Australia, with production getting underway in April. Since the Below Deck shows usually film for six weeks, production should be wrapping up by mid-June.

Unlike the other Below Deck installments, Below Deck Down Under will not air on Bravo. The new spin-off has landed at Peacock.

Is a Below Deck alum joining Below Deck Down Under?

Thanks to the So Dramatic Podcast , fans have gained insight into the inaugural season of Below Deck Down Under.

So Dramatic has shared photos on social media of the luxury yacht Thalassa, located in Hamilton Island, with camera crews filming around it. The latest post from So Dramatic has sparked speculation that Below Deck alum Leon Walker had joined Below Deck Down Under.

Yes, the chef that fans and Captain Lee Rosbach don’t like too well has been photographed in the area where Below Deck Down Under is currently in production.

Unfortunately, 51 Minds nor Peacock comments on casting rumors, so this is merely speculation.

If Leon does return, he wouldn’t be the first chef Bravo used to help launch a Below Deck spin-off.

Below chef Ben appeared on Below Deck Season 1, 2, 3, and 4, and kicked off the Below Deck Mediterranean franchise in Season 1. Ironically Ben, replaced Leon mid-way through Season 3 after Captain Lee gave Leon and his beef cheeks the boot.

Adam Glick appeared on Below Deck Med Season 2 and 3 before helping launch Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1.

Based on past experience, a chef alum will likely appear on Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under. Leon could be the chosen one, although fans might wonder why considering his first experience was not so great.

Will other Below Deck alum appear on Below Deck Down Under?

Ever since Below Deck Down Under was announced, fans have been speculating which Below Deck, Below Deck Med, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum could pop up on the new installment.

Hannah Ferrier is, of course, at the top of the list. However, since she’s a new mom and all about family right now. So, Hannah’s not a likely option.

Francesca Rubi and Ashling Lorger have been thrown around too. Ashling made it clear after Below Deck Season 8 ended, she was open to doing more reality television.

Alli Dore and Dani Soares from Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 are also on the list. Although Dani did just have a baby, so she’s definitely out of Season 1. As for Alli, she continues to appear on her Instagram weekly chat, Pita Party with Daisy Kelliher and Dani, which she couldn’t do if she was filming the Bravo.

There you have it Below Deck fans. Leon Walker just might be joining Below Deck Down Under.

Below Deck Down Under will premiere in 2022 on Peacock.

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