Cynthia Bailey, Todd Bridges cuss each other out on Big Brother live feeds, argument leaves Cynthia in tears

Cynthia Bailey Playing Celebrity Big Brother
Cynthia Bailey is not a fan of Todd Bridges right now on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Todd Bridges and Cynthia Bailey from Celebrity Big Brother 2022 were involved in a big argument that was partially revealed on the live feeds Thursday.

The disagreement led to the celebrities fuming in separate rooms as other members of the CBB3 cast tried to settle them down.

At the heart of the argument was a disagreement between them on who had turned on whom, and it led to them cussing each other out in a few really intense moments.

Unfortunately, not all of the fight was caught on the cameras that were up and running for the live feeds, but the footage is there if the producers decide it is going to be a part of an upcoming episode.

Todd Bridges and Cynthia Bailey fight on Celebrity Big Brother

Below is a video clip from the Big Brother live feeds where Cynthia and Todd can be heard arguing in an adjoining room. It leads to Todd entering the bathroom area, where he has a few choice words to describe the interaction that he just had with Cynthia.

Cynthia Bailey explains her side of what happened

After a short time of the feeds being down, Cythina talked about what happened to Shanna Moakler and Carson Kressley. As she tells the story, they were talking when Todd got up to approach her. She was clearly shaken up from the interaction and left in tears from the argument.

Todd Bridges defends himself to other houseguests

Below are two videos from right after the fight, where Todd defends himself as Carson Kressley relays how Cynthia may have felt during the fight. Lamar Odom is also there and he appears to take Todd’s side in what is going on.

Later in the evening, Big Brother producers brought in food for the houseguests and also provided them with some wine. It appeared to calm things down, but Big Brother fans are definitely going to want to see how the whole fight played out between Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges.

More important news from Celebrity Big Brother 2022

A shocking revelation was made by one of the houseguests, as Lamar Odom said he didn’t know Diary Room segments are part of episodes. It becomes the latest instance where it appears like Lamar does not know what’s happening on Celebrity Big Brother.

But Lamar’s admissions and the fight between Cynthia and Todd aren’t even the most noteworthy moments from the live feeds this week.

Former houseguest Chris Kattan left the Big Brother house and his time in the game is at an end. It has been revealed that the February 11 episode should explain what happened, but Kattan is already back on social media.

And for any Big Brother fans who want to jump ahead, here are Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the Veto Meeting. We now know who will be on the block for the next Eviction Ceremony, provided the producers don’t decide to cancel it after someone just quit the game.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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