Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: A new HOH, only nine people left

JCM Hosting CBB3
Julie Chen Moonves is hosting an eventful season of Celebrity Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds now reveal the Head of Household for the final nine.

On Monday night, the celebrities voted out Mirai Nagasu, making her the second houseguest to get sent home this winter.

Prior to that, it was Teddi Mellencamp who got eliminated, and Teddi pushed Todd Bridges under the bus with her exit interview.

Chris Kirkpatrick succeeded in getting Mirai out of the game, but it was never really clear why he felt she was the one who needed to go home right away.

With Chris giving up his title as HOH, it was time for the other eight remaining houseguests to play in a new challenge.

Who is the new Celebrity Big Brother HOH?

Miesha Tate won the latest Head of Household Competition and she takes back the power in the house. She now has a chance to really make a mark on the season, with her Nomination Ceremony likely to take place at some point on Tuesday (February 8).

This is the point of the game where the houseguests can start determining which alliance will be the strongest, so Miesha is in the driver’s seat in that regard. Her week in power will extend until Friday (February 11), when the next “live” Eviction Ceremony is hosted by Julie Chen Moonves.

More from Celebrity Big Brother 2022

When the live feeds didn’t come back on after the Monday episode, a lot of Big Brother fans thought Chris Kattan quit the show. It looked like he was trying to get voted out of the Big Brother house at the Eviction Ceremony, but the celebrities sent Mirai Nagasu out instead.

It looks like Chris Kattan is also dealing with some pain from the broken neck he recently revealed took place earlier in his career. It has led to a deterioration in his range of motion that is pretty obvious to a lot of Big Brother fans constantly watching the live feeds.

He isn’t the only person having a hard time in the house. Lamar Odom had an “accident” in his bed earlier this month and he was not shy when he talked about it to the live feed cameras.

It followed up a clip where Lamar talked about dreaming about Khloe Kardashian at night and how he still really misses his ex-wife. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can finish out the entire season without self-evicting.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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