Celebrity Big Brother cast: These celebrities were reportedly high on the list of people producers wanted

CBB2 Cast Image
The Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast (Dina Lohan, Tamar Braxton, and Lolo Jones pictured) presented a lot of drama in Winter 2019. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother cast for this winter may be more highly anticipated than some of the summer seasons that the show has had recently.

That interest has led to a lot of new rumors on social media, and even some fake CBBUS3 cast lists.

And now, it seems that several names that producers originally wanted have been revealed, which suggests these people won’t be on the show this winter. But remember, these are also just rumored people themselves, so take all of these new names with a grain of salt (or an entire saltshaker).

As a quick reminder, the Celebrity Big Brother 3 episode schedule gets started on February 2, so we are very close to learning all of the official information.

The new Celebrity Big Brother cast rumors

“Just received a text that Lance Bass and Aubrey O’Day was pretty high on the list of names of people they wanted. #CBBUS3 #BBCELEB3,” reads a new Twitter post by user SpoilerGirl1.

New SpoilerGirl Post
Some new names were shared about the possible CBBUS3 cast. Pic credit: @Spoilergirl1/Twitter

Lance Bass is a long-time Big Brother fan and someone who has been linked to the show for years. He is still best known as a member of *NSYNC and could be a lot of fun to watch in the house.

Aubrey O’Day was a member of the girl group Danity Kane and has also modeled and been on other reality TV shows. She is very familiar with the genre of reality TV, so it wouldn’t be surprising at all if she were invited to be a part of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast.

Other names allegedly linked to Winter 2022 Celebrity Big Brother cast

SpoilerGirl had earlier reported that producers were heavily considering other names to be a part of Celebrity Big Brother 3. In November, she said that Clay Aiken and Tiffany Pollard were being considered.

Clay Aiken became a star on American Idol before putting out music of his own, and Tiffany Pollard has become a mainstay on reality TV shows. Pollard is also someone that a lot of Big Brother fans feel would be interesting to see on the Big Brother live feeds.

More recently, SpoilerGirl also shared additional names that she claims producers of the show “wanted” to see playing the game. She mentioned Caitlyn Jenner from The Kardashians, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway from the team that worked for President Donald Trump, Boston Rob Mariano from Survivor, and “at least one housewife.”

It would not be surprising at all if two people from the Real Housewives franchises ended up being on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast, mostly because a lot of people from those shows know how to create good TV moments that could help out the ratings.

Did any of the names that producers reportedly wanted on the CBB3 cast make the cut? Were any of them actually invited to be on the show? We will soon find out, as it is getting very close to when producers will sequester everyone, put them through medical tests, and finalize the BBCeleb cast list.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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