Celebrity Big Brother episodes: Schedule packs in February content

McGrath CBB1
A new group of celebrities is playing CBB this winter (Mark McGrath, pictured, played on CBB1). Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother episodes are about to return to primetime on CBS.

For Big Brother fans who are already suffering withdrawals following the BB23 season finale, the upcoming February schedule will fill that void.

The names of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast members haven’t been revealed yet, but rumors still keep popping up on social media.

The official CBBUS3 cast reveal will come along soon enough, and it’s never too early to start taking a long look at the Winter 2022 TV schedule for Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother episodes for Winter 2022 season

Below is a breakdown of all the episodes that will feature the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast this winter. You will note that the season premiere arrives on February 2 and that there is also a new episode of the show airing on Super Bowl Sunday this year.

Also, note that the Friday night episodes are two hours each, so it will provide a lot of additional content for Big Brother fans to tune in for at the end of each week.

  • Episode 1: February 2: Wednesday at 8/7c
  • Episode 2: February 3: Thursday at 9/8c
  • Episode 3: February 4: Friday at 8/7c (two hours)
  • Episode 4: February 6: Sunday at 8/7c
  • Episode 5: February 7: Monday at 9/8c
  • Episode 6: February 9: Wednesday at 8/7c
  • Episode 7: February 11: Friday at 8/7c (two hours)
  • Episode 8: February 13: Super Bowl Sunday at 8/7c
  • Episode 9: February 14: Monday at 9/8c
  • Episode 10: February 16: Wednesday at 8/7c
  • Episode 11: February 18: Friday at 8/7c (two hours)
  • Episode 12: February 19: Saturday at 8/7c
  • Episode 13: February 20: Sunday at 8/7c
  • Episode 14: February 21: Monday at 9/8c (two hours)
  • Episode 15: February 23: Wednesday at 8/7c (The CBB3 finale)

More details about Celebrity Big Brother 3

Julie Chen Moonves is returning as the Celebrity Big Brother host, and we expect her to be providing fans with a new house tour very soon. It will be very interesting to see what theme the producers have gone with, but they did reveal the CBBUS3 logo, and it seems geared toward winter.

A lot of cash is also on the line for the celebrities, as the houseguests are competing for $250,000 this year (unless that number gets increased by the producers). In the past, that sum has been won by actress Marissa Jaret Winokur (Season 1) and singer/reality TV star Tamar Braxton (Season 2).

There are already some commercials running on CBS for the upcoming season, but since the cast hasn’t even been revealed yet, it is mostly footage from past seasons of the show.

Stay tuned, folks, because the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast will get revealed very soon, and then it’s off to the races during February for 15 episodes playing out across four weeks of TV time.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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