Celebrity Big Brother 3 season to be much shorter than Big Brother 23

Julie Chen Moonves Hosting CBB Again On CBS
Julie Chen Moonves returns to host the Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 schedule is going to seem really short for Big Brother fans who have not tuned in for a season of the celebrity version.

The intent behind CBS ordering up a new season of the celebrity edition of Big Brother is to provide some direct competition to the 2022 Winter Olympics airing on the NBC family of channels.

It all begins for the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast on Wednesday, February 2, when the start date for the new season finally arrives. It’s going to be a big night and that’s why the season premiere episode is going to be two hours long.

Anyone who has taken a look at the full CBB3 schedule (linked here) has seen how it is going to come to an end rather quickly. The good news, though, is that CBS is going to pack a lot of episodes into the short run-time.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 much shorter than Big Brother 23

Xavier Prather just won Big Brother 23, with the Summer 2021 season of the show lasting for 85 days. And that’s actually a bit shorter than some of the recent seasons that have lasted close to 100 days in total. Those seasons took up most of the summer to complete.

And then we have the Celebrity Big Brother 3 schedule, which is only going to last 22 days during Winter 2022. The CBB3 cast will begin playing the game on February 2 and then the season finale arrives on February 23, with the celebrities playing out the entire season in the month of February 2022.

Why is the Celebrity Big Brother season so short?

To put together a season where just celebrities are playing the game, it costs a lot of money to convince those people to spend their time in the Big Brother house. That means a much bigger stipend just to get them to participate, which would be even larger if the season were to last longer than the roughly three weeks of run time.

It’s also more difficult for a lot of celebrities to get cut off from the real world for more than three weeks. During past seasons, there have been problems with celebrities trying to quit the game because they couldn’t stand being away from their families, technology, the news, and/or their everyday lives.

Hopefully, the Big Brother producers are hard at work putting together a new cast of celebrities that really wants to play the game, because nobody that subscribes to the live feeds wants to hear from celebrities who think that three weeks is too long to get paid to play the game.

Recently, host Julie Chen Moonves asked everyone who they wanted to see play Celebrity Big Brother. Many Big Brother fans and former houseguests responded with their choices.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.