Big Brother 23 winner: Who won the Summer 2021 season?

Derek Xiao BB23 Finale
Derek Xiao helped decide on the Big Brother 23 winner. Pic credit: CBS

The long Big Brother 23 season reached its conclusion and the jury voted on the winner.

Sixteen new houseguests took part in the Big Brother 2021 season, giving viewers a lot of new personalities to watch on the small screen.

For most of the summer, The Cookout alliance dominated the game. That made it unsurprising that the Big Brother 23 winner would then emerge from that group.

On finale night, Xavier Prather became the final Head of Household and he decided to take Derek Frazier with him to the end. This meant that one of them was going to win the massive $750,000 prize.

Who is the Big Brother 23 winner?

Britini, Derek X, Sarah Beth, Claire, and Alyssa all voted for Xavier Prather to be the Big Brother 23 winner. They didn’t even need to reveal the other four votes right away because we already knew the winner.

Xavier was ecstatic and he leaves with the huge $750,000 prize and he already got to celebrate with the members of the BB23 jury.

The BB23 cast will soon return to social media

A lot of Big Brother fans are looking forward to all 16 members of the BB23 cast popping up on social media in October. We have already seen a lot of posts from the first five people who got sent home, including their reactions to what was going on with The Cookout.

Now, we get to see how The Cookout reacts to what has been going on with social media. Earlier this season, an intense debate was taking place online, with some Big Brother fans claiming The Cookout is racist.

A lot of former Big Brother houseguests have also weighed in on the alliance and how much it accomplished during the Summer 2021 season.

With some of the personalities who played the game this season, we can’t wait to hear what they have to say once they are out of the house and how they feel about casts on future seasons of the show.

And after that, it will be time to get excited about Celebrity Big Brother. CBS is bringing back the winter version of the reality competition show this year and we are going to get to see a new group of celebrities playing the game. It could lead to a really exciting winter of fun.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to CBS in Winter 2022.