Big Brother spoilers: Who’s on the block after Veto Ceremony?

Claire Takes Over BB23 HOH
Claire Rehfuss won the Coin of Destiny and got to be the secret HOH on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers come from the Veto Ceremony today, as the BB23 cast just finalized the people who will be on the block for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. It also seems to underscore that the secret HOH twist may have been a bust.

It was a busy week in the Big Brother house, highlighted by Tiffany Mitchell getting overthrown as the Head of Household. Claire Rehfuss had the opportunity to really take control of the game, but, instead, Claire seems to have thrown her game away now.

As a reminder, one of the punishments Xavier Prather got for winning the Power of Veto the previous week was that he would become the third nominee for this week. It put him on the block next to Sarah Beth and Kyland, possibly complicating matters for The Cookout.

Over the weekend, Hannah Chaddha won the Power of Veto for this week. It meant that she could take someone off the block at the Veto Ceremony on Monday. If she decided to replace Xavier, the third nominee slot would just be done for the week. If she replaced Kyland or Sarah Beth, Claire would have to secretly name a replacement nominee.

Did Hannah use the Big Brother Power of Veto?

Hannah used the Power of Veto to save Xavier from the block. This makes Sarah Beth and Kyland the final nominees for the week. During the September 2 Big Brother episode, it will be either Sarah Beth or Kyland who is becoming the next member of the BB23 jury.

The voting members of the BB23 cast this week are Tiffany, Xavier, Hannah, Alyssa Lopez, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum. Claire will go through the motions of placing a vote with host Julie Chen Moonves since she is the secret Big Brother HOH, but it won’t get counted in the totals.

More news and notes from Big Brother

We are now less than a month from the Big Brother 23 season finale. That’s when the BB23 jury is going to vote on who takes home the $750,000 prize this summer. It’s also when America will get to vote on AFP and decide who gets to walk away with the bonus money.

The summer 2021 season is going to seem much shorter than a typical installment, mostly because of the two-week quarantine period that everyone had to go through before the season even began.

If anyone doesn’t already know it, two BB23 cast members were replaced during that quarantine. That’s how Claire ended up being on the show, as she was an alternate who got bumped up when Christie Valdiserri was sent home.

Live feed subscribers also saw The Cookout finally make things official. The six-person alliance finally got together to do the familiar Big Brother cheer that all major alliances have done over the years. It is likely going to become a segment on a future episode of the show.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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