Big Brother 23 cast member worked hard to throw their game away today

BB23 Week 8 HOH Comp
The Big Brother 23 cast has made its way to the final nine for the summer 2021 season. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23 cast is starting to head into the home stretch of the summer 2021 season, with just about a month left until the winner is crowned. This is the time where big game moves can lead to the prize money, but also where people can make the wrong choices.

One particular member of the BB23 cast is throwing their game away today on the Big Brother live feeds. The biggest problem is that they don’t even know it. But that regret may have to be addressed in the jury house very soon.

Be prepared to encounter some Big Brother spoilers ahead, as this is going to address how things have evolved to the current point in the house. And Sunday afternoon has arrived after the Nomination Ceremony, after the High Roller’s Room opened again, and after a fateful Veto Competition took place.

And no, we aren’t talking about Sarah Beth Steagall. She torpedoed her own game last week, but she still doesn’t fully realize that it was Kyland Young that took her down that wrong path. She will realize it soon, though.

Claire Rehfuss takes control and then throws away her power

Claire Rehfuss won the Coin of Destiny and used it to take over the power from Tiffany Mitchell. With complete power in her hands, Claire had the opportunity to really shake things up, reimagine how her time in the Big Brother house might continue, and to re-shape alliances. And then she took a wrong turn and got lost in the woods.

Tasked with determining new nominees for the week, Claire decided to stick with Sarah Beth and Kyland. With Tiffany in her ear the whole time, Claire thought she was setting up the perfect alliance between herself, Tiffany, and Hannah Chaddha. But this was just another means for The Cookout to get further in the game.

Now that the Power of Veto has been won by Hannah, Claire has worked on a deal to save Xavier Prather from the block (he is the third nominee for the week) and get him to promise safety in exchange for that safety. This was Hannah’s plan anyway, as she was going to take Xavier off the block to continue keeping the focus on a Sarah Beth eviction.

Derek Xiao won HOH and went home the following week. Then, Sarah Beth won HOH and could be going home this week. And now, it appears that Claire could also be going from the HOH Room to the BB23 jury house next week. But she had every opportunity to really get big targets out of the house. Instead, Claire has settled on Sarah Beth as a target, which will end up sealing her own fate later.

Within the house, producers will now have a lot of footage of Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire planning out their final three alliance for the season. But does anyone believe that this final three agreement is actually a real thing that Tiffany and Hannah plan to honor?

The Cookout continues to dominate Big Brother 23

The Big Brother live feeds also showed The Cookout alliance making it official. It was the first time all six people got together and celebrated making it this far in the game. It could also end up being the first of many celebrations because Derek X, Sarah Beth, and now Claire have walked right into their web of plans.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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