Big Brother spoilers: Who is Sarah Beth nominating for eviction?

Sarah Beth BB23 HOH
Sarah Beth Steagall is the Week 7 HOH on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers coming from the live feeds reveal that Kyland Young is trying to control Sarah Beth Steagall and her nominations this week. The duo stayed up chatting deep into the night about what she would do as the new Head of Household, with 5 a.m. house time hitting before she even got close to deciding her nominees.

Sarah Beth spoke about wanting to target Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez, with her eye on nominating them both and possibly having Derek Xiao as a backdoor target if needed later in the week. Kyland has been pushing her hard to put Claire Rehfuss on the block as a pawn, seemingly with the real plan for Claire to possibly get sent out of the house next.

One of Kyland’s ideas to Sarah Beth was to use him and Claire both as pawns, stating that he could convince Claire to go up because he was also willing to do it. This plan, of course, was another way to get Claire evicted because Kyland is still protected by The Cookout alliance.

If Kyland is able to convince Sarah Beth 100 percent of his plan, in particular, Claire and Derek X could be the two nominees to start the week. The reasoning there to be that if Claire or Derek X won the Power of Veto, they would only be able to save themselves. At that point, The Cookout would send either Claire or Derek X out and survive another week.

Big Brother spoilers: Sarah Beth Steagall still debating her nominees

Sarah Beth ended up telling Kyland that she would be fine with Claire and DX being the final nominees for the week after the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony had taken place. But she only got to that point after Kyland spent hours dissuading her from putting up Xavier and Alyssa or Derek F and Hannah Chaddha as nominees together.

One of the ideas that Sarah Beth seems to be considering the most is nominating Derek Frazier and Claire, where she would then tell them they are both pawns. She could then have the opportunity to put up Derek Xiao or Alyssa Lopez as a replacement nominee. She keeps bringing up Alyssa, but it seems Kyland wants to secretly protect her this week.

Will Sarah Beth ever take control of her HOH reign?

It’s possible that Sarah Beth was just listening to everything that Kyland had to say and that she already has a plan in her mind no matter what he recommends about the nominations. That would be her best-case scenario in front of the fans hoping that Sarah Beth is ready to make a move that helps her in the game.

It’s also possible that since Sarah Beth was kept up deep into the night, that she could be too exhausted to keep a level head when people get in her ear ahead of the Nomination Ceremony on Friday (August 20).

As it stands, Sarah Beth appears to be ready to pull aside Claire and Derek F in the morning about them being pawns. She noted that she wants the roulette power to be used and that a selling point to Claire would be her allies in the BB23 house possibly winning and saving her from the block.

America’s Vote is ongoing through the night again, with the final 10 houseguests about to get some more BB Bucks from the voters. Before that happens, here is the updated list of BB Bucks totals for each BB23 cast member. It appears that some of the houseguests don’t realize more money is coming.

There could be a lot of drama in the Big Brother house on Friday as more BB Bucks arrive and Sarah Beth hosts her Nomination Ceremony.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Da’Vonne Rogers wants to be the BB23 jury roundtable host. And on social media, fans of the show are still debating if The Cookout is racist.

Stay tuned everyone, because things are going to get spicy, and Sarah Beth is already keenly aware that she could be about to make a huge mistake for her personal game. Will she listen to her intuition, though? Or will she do what Kyland wants her to do and ultimately protect The Cookout alliance without even knowing it?

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