Da’Vonne Rogers wants to host Big Brother 23 jury roundtable

DaVonne Rogers BB17
Da’Vonne Rogers would like to be the host of the Big Brother 2021 jury roundtable. Pic credit: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers wants to return to Big Brother. The former houseguest says that she would like to be the host for the BB23 jury roundtable that will take place this September.

The three-time Big Brother houseguest has kept busy since she last appeared on the show, and she has already had a lot to say about the BB23 cast.

When we last saw Da’Vonne on television, she was being named America’s Favorite Houseguest on the Big Brother 22 cast. It came with a nice cash prize and showed that she had many fans among the people viewing from home.

Before appearing as part of the Big Brother: All-Stars 2 cast (BB22), Da’Vonne also appeared on BB17 and BB18. During those seasons, Steve Moses and Nicole Franzel were named the winners.

Da’Vonne Rogers volunteers to host Big Brother 23 jury roundtable

“I would love to host this year’s Jury Roundtable ….. now I’d definitely do that,” Da’Vonne posted on Twitter. Her note has already received a lot of support from her fans.

What she is referring to is the panel that decides on the winner each summer. Each season, a group of evicted houseguests get to vote on the winner from their cast. Typically, someone is brought in to host a jury roundtable, where the jury members debate and discuss what has gone on during the season.

Dr. Will Kirby, the Big Brother 2 winner, has been brought in to host the jury roundtable several different times for the show.

When the Big Brother 23 cast gets down to its final three houseguests, a jury roundtable will need to take place at the jury house. A former houseguest seems very likely to be tabbed as the host of that session, and Da’Vonne definitely sounds like she wants the chance to do it.

More news from the world of Big Brother

Fans are split on The Cookout alliance – and that might be a big topic during the BB23 jury roundtable. Some Big Brother fans are even claiming that The Cookout is racist. It’s something former houseguests are posting a lot about on social media. Cody Nickson from BB19 shared his opinions on it.

And speaking of former houseguests, Becky Burgess from BB17 just got married. Becky was on the same cast as Da’Vonne when we first got to know them. That was also the season that the Nolan twins took part in an intriguing twist. The Nolan twins also attended the wedding.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

If Da’Vonne is host I will not watch BB! That girl had her time and frankly I got sick of her when she was on last time! That girl is so racist! Same goes for Janelle!! I won’t watch her either. Her big mouth ruined the show for me last time. I think once a guest has played and got evicted they should not have a say on someone else’s game!!