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The Cookout on Big Brother: Some fans love it, some fans call it racist, and even former houseguests weigh in

The Cookout Big Brother
The Cookout alliance on Big Brother 23 is very powerful. Pic credit: CBS

The Cookout on Big Brother has become a very polarizing alliance among fans of the show. Many fans are overjoyed at the success that the people of The Cookout have had through the first five weeks of the season, while other fans continue to express their disdain for the way the group of six houseguests is running the game.

The members of The Cookout alliance are Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, and Azah Awasum. The alliance formed within the first few days of the Big Brother 23 season and the group is still going strong as the BB23 cast approaches its final 10.

During the last eviction episode of the season, where Christian Birkenberger was sent home on a 7-2 vote, some cracks within The Cookout seemed to be a main focus of the night. Derek F was frustrated with what Tiffany was up to in the house, and he teamed up with Azah to keep her from speaking with Britini D’Angelo alone.

A number of viewers were pretty frustrated when Derek F was shown calling Tiffany a b**** more than once. There have also been harsh disagreements between Tiffany and Kyland, as well as between Tiffany and Azah. Through all of this, that six-person alliance still remains in control of the game.

Big Brother fans cheering for The Cookout to win

There are quite a few fans who would love to see a member of The Cookout emerge as the Big Brother 23 winner. Their opinions differ on who they want to see winning that $750,000 prize, but quite a few people want Tiffany Mitchell to end up in that final two.

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First up, below are the opinions of Christian Birkenberger and Whitney Williams, which were recently shared on social media. They talked about The Cookout and how it has impacted this season. We also have a link here to BB19 cast member Cody Nickson discussing The Cookout. He even answers the question, “Is The Cookout racist?”

And here are a few more social media posts from people cheering for The Cookout this summer:

Big Brother fans rooting against The Cookout

Below are some social media posts from some fans who are deadset against The Cookout and are mad that the alliance even exists:

BB Fan Against Cookout
A Big Brother fan who is against The Cookout alliance. Pic credit: @KnightWing19/Twitter
Racist Fan Of Big Brother
This Twitter user wants people to know his opinions on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: @zachcleversmith/Twitter

Big Brother fans who don’t understand why people dislike The Cookout

Below are some posts from people defending The Cookout against its detractors:

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There is a long way until the Big Brother 23 winner will be crowned this summer, with the season finale arriving on September 29. It means a lot of drama, evictions, and alliance shifting could happen over the next few weeks. Will The Cookout make it all the way to the end intact? Or will some of them be forced to turn on each other before then?

This memorable season of Big Brother is certainly leading to a lot of important discussions about the show and it will be very interesting to see who emerges as the winner.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. Big Brother 2021 is Racist plan and simple, if turned around and whites we’re doing the same thing they would close down the show.

  2. It’s absolutely true that there have been alliances in past seasons that consisted of all caucasians. However, they never (as far as I could tell) aligned, nominated or voted based on skin color. This season, however, the “Cookout” alliance was formed solely based on superficial trait of skin color and have been nominating / evicting exclusively for that reason. I haven’t checked Webster’s recently…but that sure sounds like a textbook definition of racism. It’s also true that if a group of white people got together and said (insinuated) that we need to keep all the people who look like us in the house and evict anyone with dark skin…CBS would have put a hard stop to it. There’s really no argument to this fact.

  3. In my opinion “The Cookout” is racist because it’s based solely on skin color. Instead of a group of white supremists, we have a group of black supremists. Not cool. Azah is the only one of them who sees it and understands that racism is racism – no matter the color of the skin of the person doing it.

    • Sorry to see but The Cookout will be the end of Big Brother. They have created a situation of race against race. Going forward in upcoming seasons, players will look at each other and say we can’t let another race alliance happen and target those players for eviction, which will cause a public uproar claiming that it is racist. It’s sad to see but it is clear that now it will be unavoidable.

  4. Disappointing season of Big Brother. Not diversified enough! Too many of one culture overpowered the entire outcome of the show. Keep this show diversified, please. At least with even amounts of cultures represented.


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