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Is The Cookout on Big Brother 23 racist? Cody Nickson responds to question from a fan

Cody Nickson On BB19
Cody Nickson has played Big Brother and he has a lot of insight about the show. Pic credit: CBS

Cody Nickson from Big Brother 19 answered an interesting question that a fan asked him about a Big Brother 23 alliance called The Cookout.

Cody answers a lot of questions about life, his marriage to Jessica Graf, kids, Big Brother, and winning The Amazing Race on his Instagram Stories. This is typically done while he works out on a treadmill and he had some interesting answers to questions that were asked this week.

In regard to The Cookout, it is a strong alliance within the BB23 cast that features Xavier Prather, Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Hannah Chaddha. Through the first few weeks, it has been one of the strongest alliances in the Big Brother 2021 season.

“Thoughts on bb and how ‘the cookout’ is basically all blacks get whites out. Racist?” asked a fan on Cody’s Instagram page.

Cody Nickson talks about The Cookout alliance on Big Brother 23

“No. They don’t hate white people, that’s an absurd stretch,” Cody responded to the fan. “They came together based on trust, not on hate. You’ve seen a lot of white alliances on the show… you’d have to judge them with the same measure.

“In society we see people we trust and we go towards them. If I’m in a large group and I see a bunch of Marine Corps Infantrymen standing together, I would go right to them,” Cody wrote as he finished off his message.

Cody Nickson Talks BB23
Former Big Brother houseguest Cody Nickson spoke out about The Cookout on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: @CodyTheMarine/Instagram

Big Brother 23 has already been an intriguing season

For the Week 3 Eviction Ceremony, both nominees from the Big Brother 23 cast feel they are safe. It’s a very odd situation that has developed, with Brent Champagne and Britini D’Angelo each convinced that they have enough votes of support for the July 29 episodes.

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Someone is going to be in for a really rude surprise on Thursday night, where they will find out that they are joining Frenchie on the outside of the house.

And speaking of Frenchie, he is auctioning off items he used in the house for charity. The bidding is still open for fans who are hoping that they can get some momentos from the show.

So far, the season has been really interesting, beginning with teams and evolving into something with some very strong players and alliances. Not everyone agrees with that assessment, though. Former houseguest Janelle Pierzina says that the current season is a “snooze” for her.

Some viewers have also tuned out of episodes, as the BB23 ratings have dipped a lot since the season premiere. Hopefully, those numbers can rebound, because a lot of fans already want to apply to be on Big Brother 24. One of those people is Rachel Reilly, who wants to play for the $750,000 prize.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. Yes, the season 23 is racist. The Cookout admitted they are only pulling for their fellow black. If whites said or did this it WOULD NOT be tolerated! So sick of race being brought into everything on tv!! Big fan off BB, but if this race crap continues, I’m done!

    • yes yes yes no part of this is acceptable as a black person i am taken back this only causes division the alliance is not on trust it is based solely on the color of their skin 😩

    • Yes, it’s racist. It just shows their character to create an alliance that is nothing more than skin color. I’m probably done with this show. Good people DON’T judge by skin color. Period. That says all we need to know about the morals of any group that would judge on color. They’re bad.

  2. I have to agree it is about race for the members of the cookout. Just imagine if the white people made the statements we have heard coming from some in the cookout. It should be fun to watch after they get all the white people out. CBS better hide the knives.

  3. Not only is The Cookout such a offensive concept, this season is perhaps the most boring cast I have ever seen, and that includes Jackson Michie.

  4. Some have pointed to past season’s alliances consisting of only white players. This is a false comparison because NONE of those alliances included EVERY SINGLE WHITE PLAYER IN HOUSE, and NONE of them were formed BECAUSE of race or had the STATED GOAL of eliminating players of other races first. It’s also interesting to note that “cookout” members use terms to hide their racism. They refer to “the cookout” “the six” “our alliance” etc…when what they really mean is “the black players”. Example: when one of them is speaking with their fake partner (aka TOKEN PARTNER) and that partner suggests names for the block that week and includes one or more of the cookout , that cookout member will then be seen in Diary Room saying that he or she has to put a stop to it because they can’t any of “the six” being targeted. What they REALLY MEAN is that they can’t let any black players get voted out.

    I wonder if CBS intentionally chose the dumbest white people they could possibly find to play in this season…….They’re clearly fine with blatant racism on their network….as long as it’s the “right kind” of racism.

    • Very true. It’s a ridiculous analogy. This is the ONLY time there has been an alliance based on race. I guess next season all whites are supposed to form a secret alliance to get out all blacks, right? That’s the only logical, reasonable step. Is that what you want, CBS? That’s what you’ve done. This feud mentality just shows the base character of the people who do it. The Cookout alliance is pure racism. Their hatred propagates this trend of division.

  5. Yes they’re are all racist, in The Cookout, and should be called out and treated as such. they specifically choose their race as a means for the group and to exclude and vote out all other races. They did NOT come together based on trust. CBS should call them out on it as well, previous seasons they had sensitive topic warnings, yet this season it’s all ok, cause it’s good racism. Disgusting. If you can’t call out racism when those actions are defined by racist, because they’re black, you’re part of the problem.

  6. You think people who have watched Big Brother for YEARS want to see this? Nope. Not only is the racism disgusting this season, since they stacked the house with coloreds and placed them against plebs, but it’s BORING. They placed them purposely against the DUMBEST non-colored people you could imagine. Not one of them even saw a spec of what is going on so the season is just white out, next week? another white out! How boring. CBS is trash this was the last thing I WOULD watch but I’m beyond done after this disgusting, BORING and stacked season.

  7. It’s absolutely racist and the only reason they’ve stuck together this long is most likely because BB is giving the six of them an extra bonus if they pull off an all black final 6. They’ve stacked the rest of the cast with some of the dumbest, most oblivious people they could find and have most likely been psychologically manipulating them to avoid connecting the extremely obvious dots that have been present all season. Big Brother would have been pulled off the air and blasted by the national media for years if they allowed an explicitly pro-white alliance to form and control the game. Absolutely sick of this garbage.

  8. Yes Yes Yes they are racist!!
    All Black alliance they said it, but if the white people would of said that then the show would of had a big conflic. Black people are ruling the world now a days its ok for them to say and do stuff but not the whites. first time i have hated the show.

  9. I was just looking around to see if I’m the only one that felt this was racist! Glad to know I’m not and I’m a minority myself!

    At any rate, makes me sad, I was a big fan of BB and SURVIVOR, but I just removed BB from my DVR and won’t be watching any more.

    I read an article that the CEO of CBS decided to make all of their reality programs to have this same racial “diversity” in it, so if Survivor goes the same way, I’ll be removing that too.


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