Big Brother spoilers: Both nominees think they are safe from BB23 eviction

Xavier BB23 Noms
Xavier Prather will be successful at evicting his target from the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers predict a really odd Eviction Ceremony coming up on Thursday night for the members of the BB23 cast. This might be the first time in quite a while where both nominees are convinced that they are safe. Like, 100 percent sure there is no way they will be going home.

One of them is wrong, though, because there are no ties on eviction night. If there ever is a tie from the houseguests who are voting, the Head of Household gets to step in with the deciding vote. It is unlikely that HOH Xavier Prather will have to vote this time around.

Xavier won the HOH Competition for Week 3 and he then nominated Brent Champagne and Britini D’Angelo for eviction. A plan was in place to keep them from altering the nominations, as shown during the July 25 episode when Derek Xiao and Tiffany Mitchell worked together to win the Wildcard Competition.

The nominees then had a shot to save themselves over the weekend when six houseguests played for the Power of Veto. It was Christian Birkenberger who won the Veto Competition this week, but he decided to not use that power. He is on the same team as HOH Xavier, so it didn’t make sense for him to rock the vote.

An eviction plan from the BB23 cast

The eviction target for this week is Brent and it has been for a while. He really needed to win the last HOH Competition so that his team would be safe and he wouldn’t have to be on the block. And after Brent got nominated, he needed to really make sure that he won the Power of Veto. He didn’t, though, and finds himself in the crosshairs.

The biggest problem for Brent is that he doesn’t know he is the target for most of the BB23 cast. He has convinced himself that he is too important to keep around and that he has enough votes to survive the July 29 Eviction Ceremony. And a lot of people are playing along with his belief.

Who is getting sent home on Big Brother this week?

Brent Champagne is getting sent home from Big Brother this week. It’s very possible that this could be the first unanimous eviction vote of the summer 2021 season, and Brent is not aware that it is even coming. He is under the delusion that he is pulling his own blindside on HOH Xavier and he even has a speech for the man after the Eviction Ceremony.

Britini D’Angelo has already been told the plan, so she knows that she isn’t the target this week. That won’t stop her from giving CBS viewers a new rap song on Thursday night, but it will keep her in the Big Brother house for another week.

It’s not very often that both nominees enter an Eviction Ceremony feeling extremely safe, so this could make for some great television when the moment arrives. That makes these some very intriguing Big Brother spoilers.

For fans of Frenchie, he is auctioning off items for charity. The former Big Brother houseguest is already home, and we are very interested to hear what he has to say about this upcoming eviction.

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2 years ago

Same old game play. Going to end up a meathead and a pon. Why no old person
This year just kids?