Big Brother spoilers: New target needs to win HOH to be safe

BB23 Week 2 Veto Ceremony
The BB23 cast will need a new target after Frenchie gets eliminated from Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers point to a new primary target once the Eviction Ceremony wraps up on Thursday night.

It definitely raises the stakes for one houseguest, but it isn’t entirely clear if they realize how much danger that they are in yet.

The next Big Brother eviction vote is already set, with most of the houseguests 100 percent ready to tell host Julie Chen Moonves their choice between Brandon “Frenchie” French and Britini D’Angelo.

Frenchie was a whirlwind during Week 1 of Big Brother 23, moving around the house at a frantic pace while trying to create alliances with nearly everyone in the game.

He got close to making it work but went a bridge too far by trying to create too many larger alliances — especially that “all-girls alliance” he wanted to lead.

Once Frenchie ended up evicted from the game — Frenchie could join Travis Long outside of the house soon — the rest of the BB23 cast will focus on someone new.

Viewers should fully expect a bit of herd mentality in Week 3.

Big Brother spoilers: Who is the new target for eviction?

Brent Champagne is in trouble. To guarantee his own personal safety, he is going to need to win Head of Household on Thursday night.

There is also the potential for safety if someone else on his team wins HOH, but anything can happen in those Wildcard Competitions.

As a quick reminder, Derek Xiao, Whitney Williams, and Hannah Chaddha are the other members of Team Aces with Brent.

That’s also a dangerous thing for Brent, though, because Derek X doesn’t want to be HOH after winning the first two POV Competitions and Whitney expressed she doesn’t want to be in charge.

Vegas thinks Brent can win the Week 3 HOH

In the updated odds for who wins HOH on Big Brother this week, Brent and Christian Birkenberger are predicted to have the best chance at winning.

Behind them are Derek X, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather in the prediction of the most-likely new Head of Household.

Even if Brent cannot win HOH, it’s not necessarily a death sentence in the game. He could still win the Power of Veto and take himself off the block if he gets nominated, but that plan would only work if the house doesn’t try to backdoor him in Week 3.

Brent cannot play in the Wildcard Competition, so winning HOH is the only way to guarantee his own safety this week.

There is a lot on the line when the remaining houseguests play out the new Head of Household Competition during the July 23 episode.

Britini D’Angelo stated she really wants to win it, and that could lead to a really entertaining week if she took power the week after getting nominated for eviction.

It has been a crazy week for the show, with Frenchie threatening to quit the game and Britini’s mom posting on Instagram about her daughter’s emotional response to being nominated.

Here’s hoping that Week 3 is even more interesting for the Big Brother live feeds.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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