Who got voted out of Big Brother tonight? BB23 cast down to 13

Another houseguest got voted out of Big Brother tonight and the vote wasn’t even close. That’s probably not too much of a surprise to viewers of the show, as most of the BB23 cast was part of a plan to make sure that the week was easy for everyone else in the house. Head of


Big Brother spoilers: New target needs to win HOH to be safe

Big Brother spoilers point to a new primary target once the Eviction Ceremony wraps up on Thursday night. It definitely raises the stakes for one houseguest, but it isn’t entirely clear if they realize how much danger that they are in yet. The next Big Brother eviction vote is already set, with most of the


Some Big Brother fans accusing Brent of sexually harassing Hannah

A number of Big Brother fans noticed something on the live feeds Tuesday night that alarmed them and they are posting a lot about it on social media. At roughly 6:06 p.m. PT on camera 4 of the Big Brother live feeds, the BB23 cast can be seen milling around the kitchen during a toga