Britini D’Angelo’s mom shares with fans why Big Brother 23 cast member blew up following Nomination Ceremony

Britini Nominated BB23
Britini D’Angelo was nominated for eviction during Week 2 of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Britini D’Angelo had a big reaction to going on the block during the latest episode of Big Brother 23. Shocked at winding up on the block during the July 18 episode, Britini reacted with extreme anger during a Diary Room session.

On television, it looked like Britini was out for vengeance and that she would be targeting the new Head of Household, Kyland Young, as soon as she could. She was really only on the block because she is teammates with Frenchie, but she still felt targeted and betrayed.

Britini’s mom watched the Sunday night episode where the Nomination Ceremony was shown and decided that she should share with fans of the show a bit of background on why Britini may have reacted in that fashion.

Using Britini’s Instagram account, “Mama D” left a note for fans.

‘Mama D’ talks to Big Brother fans

“Hey this is Mama D! Tonight was definitely not easy watching Britini be put on the block this week. Although she is only a pawn and not the intended target, it was tough to watch. We remain so proud of her for putting herself out there and the way she handled this shock,” Britini’s mother wrote on Instagram.

“As a side note, I would like to remind viewers that Britini does have autism, meaning that how she processes things is different than someone who is neurotypical. While some may think that she was overreacting and that her tears were forced, that is not true. Britini is on this show proving anyone can do anything they put their mind too! Go Britini…YOU’VE GOT THIS! ???#bb23 #cbsbigbrother23 #BBBritini #autismawareness,” Britini’s mom continued.

Britini on Team Jokers for Big Brother 23

Team Jokers is made up of Brandon “Frenchie” French, Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier. They were in power during Week 1 when they won the Head of Household Competition. Frenchie was in charge and his time as HOH was extremely chaotic. That brought some negative attention to everyone on his team, which is why Britini is on the block in Week 2.

The season has already been a very interesting one, starting with the entire BB23 cast getting split up into teams. The team twist will go on for a while before the cast starts playing as individuals. It will lead to some interesting alliances and force people to decide if they are loyal to their respective teams.

On the July 21 episode of the show, CBS viewers will see Frenchie, Britini, and four other houseguests playing for the Power of Veto. Then, during the July 22 episode of the show, another member of the Big Brother 23 cast is getting sent home.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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