Big Brother 23 recap: Rogue votes, a safety punishment, and a target

Frenchie On BB23
Frenchie was on trouble with the Big Brother 23 cast after he left the power position. Pic credit: CBS

This Big Brother 23 recap comes from the Sunday night episode, where CBS viewers got to learn who won the second Wildcard Competition and who was nominated for eviction by the new Head of Household (Kyland Young).

The episode picked up right after Kyland won the HOH Competition, with a lot of chatter about the rogue votes against Alyssa Lopez. Everyone else had voted to evict Travis Long, but Derek Frazier and Tiffany Mitchell threw out some hinky votes to cause some chaos. Derek did it for fun and Tiffany did it because Frenchie asked her to.

Frenchie then went around the house telling people he knew who threw the rogue vote out there, which angered Tiffany because there was no point to even bring it up. She then went to Kyland and told him to be careful about Frenchie and that he could not be trusted.

We then got to see a scene from before the last episode, where Travis pulled Kyland aside and blew up Frenchie’s game. This was something that host Julie Chen Moonves had hinted at during her interview with Travis, we hadn’t seen that footage until now.

Big Brother 23 recap for Episode 5

Kyland got to show off his HOH Room and we saw that he received a letter from his niece. He was getting very emotional and Tiffany read his letter for him. The moment led to Tiffany getting very emotional as well. Or did it? Tiffany was only pretending so that she could get a moment alone with Azah Awasum. It was a pretty funny moment on the episode.

A new Wildcard Competition

Team Queens had to sit out since their team was safe. Hannah Chaddha and Christian Birkenberger also had to sit out since they competed last week.

Frenchie told his team (Jokers) he was ready to compete and they were fine with it since he got them safety last week. Sarah Beth Steagall said she would play for Team Kings and they were fine with it. As for Team Aces, they left it up to fate to decide. Brent Champagne was drawn as the player.

As for Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss, they were pretty happy to be safe for the week when Kyland won HOH and gave their team safety.

Frenchie starts to break down

Before the Wildcard Competition, Frenchie went up to Kyland to try to secure some words of encouragement and safety, but Kyland was very careful with his words and it appeared to make Frenchie nervous.

After that, Frenchie was shown going around and breaking up alliances with people in front of people who weren’t in those alliances. He started by saying Slaughterhouse was over to Brent out in the open kitchen.

Then, Frenchie went into a room where a large group of women were chatting, pointed at Whitney Williams, and said that he was out before he stormed back out of the room. Whitney was not pleased that Frenchie had just done that in front of many people. She called him out on it when they chatted one-on-one.

This is the chaos that has been Frenchie on the Big Brother live feeds for nearly two weeks, but it hadn’t been made very clear on the episodes. Until now.

Who won safety for Week 2 on Big Brother 23?

The challenge itself forced the houseguests to examine paintings and memorize details that they would then be questioned about. It seemed like the perfect challenge for Sarah Beth Steagall. It was done head-to-head and the people not participating got to watch it on the Living Room TV.

Sarah Beth did end up winning it by guessing three of the first five paintings correctly. Most of the house seemed pretty ecstatic about the results.

Sarah Beth’s win came with a possible consequence. She could have safety, but she would have to switch with someone on Kyland’s team in order to get safety. The person she swapped with would then not be safe. As a reminder, she could swap spots with either Claire or Tiffany.

When she made her choice, Sarah Beth declined safety and stayed with her team. She earned some extra points from Claire and Tiffany for making that decision.

Week 2 Nomination Ceremony

Kyland Young hosted the second Nomination Ceremony of the season and he put up Frenchie and Britini D’Angelo.

Kyland noted before he even did the nominations that he was nervous about Britini staying loyal to her team – which has Frenchie on it. That’s why she ended up on the block. Frenchie is the primary target for eviction.

Right before the episode ended, Frenchie said that he has never quit anything in his life. Britini was also shown and she was really mad about being nominated, saying that she wanted to win the POV.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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