Who will win next Big Brother HOH Competition? Vegas odds revealed

BB23 Week2 Wildcard
A new Head of Household Competition will take place for the Big Brother 23 cast on July 22. Pic credit: CBS

The next Big Brother HOH Competition takes place Thursday night and there are updated odds from Las Vegas on who will be named the new Head of Household.

It’s true that you can bet on almost anything and that even includes what will take place next on the hit reality competition show.

During the July 22 episode of Big Brother 23, another houseguest is going to be sent home. Then, 13 members of the BB23 cast will take part in a Head of Household Competition to decide who takes over the power in the house.

Updated odds on each of the possible participants have been revealed and it definitely hints that a possible physical challenge is expected on Thursday night.

Odds on who wins July 22 Big Brother HOH Competition

The following numbers are the betting lines presented by Bovada for the July 22 HOH Competition. The number denotes how much money a person would win if they were to wager $100. So, for instance, the +550 on Brent Champagne signifies that if a person bet $100 on Brent to win HOH, they would win $550.

Kyland Young isn’t listed because as the outgoing HOH, he won’t be allowed to play for the power this week.

Here are the favorites to win the BB23 July 22 HOH:

  • Brent Champagne: +550
  • Christian Birkenberger: +550
  • Derek Xiao: +700
  • Tiffany Mitchell: +700
  • Xavier Prather: +700
  • Sarah Beth Steagall: +800
  • Alyssa Lopez: +900
  • Azah Awasum: +900
  • Britini D’Angelo: +1000
  • Claire Rehfuss: +1000
  • Hannah Chaddha: +1000
  • Derek Frazier: +1400
  • Brandon “Frenchie” French: +1600
  • Whitney Williams: +1600

Will one of the odds-on-favorites end up as the new HOH? Or could someone like Whitney Williams shock everyone and emerge with the power?

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds

Below are a few details from the Big Brother live feeds that reveal who is going home this week. It means that person is not going to be able to win the Head of Household Competition since they will be having their one-on-one meeting with Julie Chen Moonves.

The BB23 cast already played a new Veto Competition. Derek Xiao won the Power of Veto for a second time this summer. At the Week 2 Veto Ceremony, he declined the opportunity to use it, meaning Kyland’s nominees for eviction stay the same.

At the July 22 Eviction Ceremony, it is going to be Britini D’Angelo or Frenchie who gets evicted. Based on what has been taking place on the live feeds, it’s very evident that Frenchie is going home. He knows this, and Frenchie even said he was going to self-evict during what appeared to be a bid to gain some sympathy with other members of the BB23 cast.

For anyone who missed it, Britini’s mother made an Instagram post that helped explain her emotional response to getting nominated for eviction. It gave a lot of context to why Britini was coming off as extremely angry during a Diary Room session that followed the Nomination Ceremony.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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