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Big Brother ratings continue to dip for the BB23 cast

Xaviers Hosts BB23 Nom Ceremony
The July 25 episode of Big Brother 23 did not do very well in the television ratings. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother ratings for this summer took another dip, with even fewer viewers tuning in for the Sunday episode. It had looked like the show was rebounding from lost viewers during the Frenchie eviction episode on July 22, but people may have just wanted to see if he was getting sent home (he was).

Hopefully, for the July 29 episode, where another Eviction Ceremony takes place, the numbers will bounce back, but overall the show is trending in a bad direction.

An estimated 3.3 million viewers tuned in for the Sunday, July 25 episode. Prior to that, an estimated 3.49 million viewers watched on July 18 and 3.76 million viewers were reported for the July 11 episode.

Going up against the Tokyo Summer Olympics over on NBC may have been the main culprit for lost viewers, but Celebrity Family Feud on ABC even notched better numbers for Sunday night. Big Brother 23 will try to rebound on those numbers with the Sunday, August 1 episode.

Overall Big Brother 23 ratings

Through three episodes on each night, Big Brother 23 is averaging 3.79 million viewers on Wednesdays (0.92 key demo mark for viewers aged 18-49), 3.84 million on Thursdays (0.91 key demo), and 3.52 million on Sundays (0.83 key demo).

For comparison purposes, Big Brother 22 averaged 4.08 (1.07) on Wednesdays, 4.00 (1.01) on Thursdays, and 3.83 (0.96) on Sundays. It shows that viewers are turning away from the BB23 cast, but there is still a lot of time left in the summer for those numbers to rebound.

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More news from Big Brother 23

Xavier Prather is the new Head of Household and he nominated Britini D’Angelo and Brent Champagne for eviction. Nobody outside of Xavier’s team has safety for the week, as Tiffany Mitchell was the one who won the Wildcard Competition, but she declined safety after she heard about the consequences.

The Big Brother 23 cast has another Eviction Ceremony coming up this week, and on the July 29 episode, someone else is getting sent home. Ahead of that, on the July 28 episode of Big Brother, viewers will find out who won the Power of Veto this week.

Outside of the house, Frenchie is auctioning off some items from the game in order to help out a charity. He and Travis Long have both gone home after spending time as members of the BB23 cast. He is doing it for a good cause, even though he seems extremely frustrated to be sitting at home already.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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    • CBS set this up so that a blck wins. It’s a racist alliance that everyone in the media is ignoring. Imagine if a bunch of whites said let’s get together and get rid of the blacks.

      That’s what happened withteh blck alliance. It’s discusting.

      Good bye BB. I’m not watching and I’m telling everyone to turn it off

      • If it was a all white alliance the show would be condemned for racism. It’s sad that we’re seeing the rise of racism in real time. After this season if it’s a black man will a black woman “have” to be the next winner. After that will it have to be a gay or trans and etc. I say let the best player win our BB is going to have whole competition where it’s all black players or all women or all gay so that they can actually have a competitive game. Anyone that keeps watching is encouraging racism going forward.

    • FACTS! It’s sad because Tiffany and probably even Kyland could have been great players in a real season. This season is so predictable and weak, even the woke white woman being fine with being backstabbed by Tiffany. Total garbage. I won’t watch any CBS programs again now that I know they have race quotas that don’t even reflect the reality of the country.

      • That’s the part I don’t get. Either the players are so not racist that they are naive to what is going on or they are so brainwashed that they think this reverse racism is actually a good thing. Claire gets played and she is supportive of. Alyssa is half black and she actually thinks she has a shot going forward. To be voted out by my skin color and not my game ship would of pissed me off. What’s the point of playing. How does big brother even recover??? Will they have to do segregated seasons going forward. Who wants to watch racism on full display. Will all the white players have to come together in the beginning just to stay alive??? How will everyone react when that happens. They got a real problem on their hands

  1. Perceived reversed discrimination shame on you CBS for allowing this, i have always enjoyed watching BB but not anymore, will not watch anymore, I am really offended by this.

    • Ditto, watched forever to see people having fun, competing and meeting new friends. Now BB is allowing racism and politics in, Im done. There should be rules to follow for the contestants!!

    • You nailed it. This should be EMBARRASSING a for blacks…this is not the way the first black person should want to win. They ruined the entire game. There’s no surprise element. It’s obvious CBS didn’t think a black could win unless the deck was stacked. Shame on them. Whoever wins will have nothing to be proud of.

  2. I’ve watched this show since the beginning and this will be the last season I ever watch. How on earth can you condone racist behavior from anyone? Imagine how duped the white players are going to feel and how cheated they are being treated? They have formed friendships, supported their fellow black players and trusted them? How can you praise this behavior? It’s just sad to see. Count me out!!!

    • My mom is a fan of this show. I am a fan of survivor. Anyway the woke don’t care. They cheer this on. They believe a black person not winning was a bad thing and a example of systemic racism of society. See we’re improved because a black player will now be a winner. Personally even if I was black I wouldn’t support this because this isn’t how I would want to see a black person win. Claire accepting her fate. The players not catching on to what is going on while one after another is eliminated is just evidence we’re not a racist society. Racism unfortunately is making a return though and that’s in the black community and I don’t know how we stop it if we won’t even say it’s happening.

  3. Big Brother use to be a fun show to watch not anymore! Now it has become a show of racism one race removing another for no reason!! Sticking to watch! We have to deal with this everyday on the News, or personally at home!!!!
    CBS …Sucks

  4. They are dropping because they are creating a racist group of people. They even said we have to get the last white person out. Do you realize if a white person had said that if it was reversed. Please leave racism out of tv. It is not appreciated 😕

    • yep. and so called diversity without native americans is just plain stupidly racist and disgusting. See-BS is a joke and this cookout a bunch of dumb brainwashed environmentally conditioned millennial racist.

  5. I am turning off all CBS. They are now having warped racial ratios for all of their cast! I thought the goal was to not see skin color…but now it is the first thing I notice!. What a shame this past year has been.

  6. I’ve never missed a season of BB. I’m done with this show. The outright racism being displayed by the Cookout clan is absolutely sickening, but not as bad as the hopelessly woke producers at BB who condone it in the name of “progress.”

    We all know if the roles were reversed, you’d never hear the end of it on social media and the MSM.

    I expect Survivor to be ruined by racial politics too, now that they have also subscribed to the same Affirmative Action game plan.

  7. I was definitely a loyal BB watcher. But I find this season disgusting I mean the people that were being kicked out didn’t even know what was going on because they would never think that a A group would be racist like this and by the time they figured it out it was too late.

  8. POC never winning in 22 seasons is still not normal. The gameplay methods this season are definitely controversial. Not sure I agree with it, but not upset with BB for doing something other than the status quo.

    Business as usual alliances and outcomes seen as normal to the majority are not quite right either. And never a blip about that.

    I guess here’s yet another opportunity to look at and have a conversation about how things work — not only in the BB bubble, but also in the culture at large.

    I will be watching next season.

    • “POC never winning in 22 seasons is still not normal.”

      POCs have won. What is definitely NOT normal is having 50% of the contestants represented by a racial group that makes up 12% of the overall population.

      And although you’ll never admit it, this is the first season ever that exhibited open ugly racism — on a weekly basis, no less. Surprisingly, it was never called out by Julie “woke” Chen.

      RIP Big Brother

  9. racism against white people is extremely blatant and out of control in this country, look around everywhere you turn is anti-white rhetoric, CRT= critical race theory is teaching kids to be ashamed of their own skin color…..coca cola and many other large corporations= “be less white” training is/was being mandated by employees to undergo…….. “the biggest problem in this country today is white supremacy”- joe biden, ……”this wont be the country of white people”-Ilan Omar…… the many jesse smollett types of crimes out there…..the list goes on and on… even your favorite show Big Brother is guilty of racism against white people broadcasted straight to your living room

  10. enough of the woke mess. I was a fan of survivor and big brother from day 1 . Never watch again. Hope your ratings go down to nothing

  11. “oh you are the only one in your classroom that looks like you?… me too.”

    Hey uneducated dummy, the national average classroom size is 16 and the percentage of blacks in America is 12, which means there would not be more than 1 black person in each classroom. It is what it is. If you don’t like it, you have 2 choices, either go to a ghetto school or move to Africa for classrooms consisting of more than 1 black person. Dint think so. So quit playing victim, shut your dumb racist pie hole and deal with it.

  12. I love how black people say the origin of all humans trace back to Africa.. but then they call themselves “African” American. Hey dumb ass, if we all come from Africa, then we’re all African FFS. But of course, all humans dont come from Africa, thankfully. Absolutely absurd.


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