Big Brother recap: Tom Green, an eviction, a rap, and a new HOH

Britini and Frenchie BB23 Block
Britini D’Angelo and Brandon ‘Frenchie’ French were the Big Brother 23 nominees in Week 2. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23 recap for Episode 7 reveals who got sent home by the rest of the houseguests. This served as the second eviction of the summer for the BB23 cast, and someone would be joining Week 1 evictee Travis Long on the outside of the game.

Over the week, Kyland Young won Head of Household, he nominated Brandon “Frenchie” French and Britini D’Angelo for eviction, and then Derek Xiao won the Power of Veto.

Since the POV didn’t get used this week, it left Frenchie and Britini on the block for the Eviction Ceremony.

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Would the BB23 cast vote as a herd? Or would the 12 voting houseguests have a difficult time deciding whether to evict Frenchie or Britini?

Big Brother 23, Episode 7 recap from July 22

The episode began with Frenchie campaigning to stay in the house, all while saying that he wasn’t campaigning against Britini. A montage was shown of Frenchie going around to each voting houseguest and trying to explain why he should stay over Britini. But, again, remember, Frenchie said he wasn’t campaigning to stay over Britini. *eye roll*

Kyland also started trying to plan out how Week 3 would go for him in the house. He met with Team Kings, and they (Alyssa Lopez, Sarah Beth Steagall, Christian Birkenberger, and Xavier Prather) all promised safety for him and the rest of Team Queens (Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss).

Big Brother 23 eviction vote 2

It was time for the Big Brother 23 cast to evict either Britini or Frenchie. Britini rapped about why she should stay, and Frenchie uttered some nonsense and invited everyone to chase animals on his farm.

In order, Claire voted to evict Frenchie, Sarah Beth voted to evict Frenchie, Xavier voted to evict Frenchie, Derek Frazier voted to evict Britini, Christian voted to evict Frenchie, Whitney voted to evict Frenchie, Azah voted to evict Frenchie, Derek Xiao voted to evict Frenchie, Tiffany voted to evict Frenchie, Brent voted to evict Frenchie, Hannah voted to evict Frenchie, and Alyssa voted to evict Frenchie to complete the vote.

By a vote of 11-1, Brandon French was the second person evicted from the Big Brother 23 cast. Frenchie answered some quick questions with host Julie Chen Moonves, but he will do some extended interviews later.

Tom Green hosts the new Big Brother HOH Competition

Comedian Tom Green, who appeared as a member of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast, was on hand to help with the challenge. Tom was shown asking questions of people on the street in Canada. The houseguests then had to answer questions based on the videos that they had watched.

Derek F, Britini, Brent, Christian, and Tiffany were eliminated on the first question, which was a pretty shocking development.

Azah, Whitney, and Claire were the next three people who got eliminated.

On the last question, Xavier Prather emerged as the winner of the Head of Household Competition. Xavier now gets to name two people for eviction.

For now, all of Team Kings is also safe. Those people are Christian Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall.

Regarding what comes next, one houseguest is really at risk of getting nominated. We may also see further advancement in the Big Brother 23 showmances that have been forming.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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