How many BB Bucks does each Big Brother cast member have now?

Britini BB23 BB Bucks
Britini D’Angelo was one of the people who received 100 BB Bucks during the first week of the High Roller’s Room. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother cast is using a currency this season to play games in a secret casino room. Called BB Bucks, they are awarded to houseguests through America’s Vote, where fans of the show try to reward their favorite members of the BB23 cast.

During the first vote, the top three vote-getters received 100 BB Bux, the next three most popular people received 75 BB Bucks, and everyone else got 50 BB Bucks.

After the next Eviction Ceremony, when the first member of the BB23 jury is revealed, America will get a chance to vote again. That will help replenish the funds for some people who have already spent all of their money.

Below is a breakdown of how many BB Bucks each houseguest has left, and it includes a note on how much they have already spent on the High Roller’s Room so far this summer.

BB Bucks for each BB23 cast member

  • Derek Xiao: 100 BB Bucks left
  • Britini D’Angelo: 100 BB Bucks left
  • Hannah Chadda: 75 BB Bucks left
  • Xavier Prather: 75 BB Bucks left
  • Derek Frazier: 50 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)
  • Alyssa Lopez: 50 BB Bucks left
  • Azah Awasum: 50 BB Bucks left
  • Tiffany Mitchell: 25 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)
  • Claire Rehfuss: 0 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)
  • Sarah Beth Steagall: 0 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)
  • Kyland Young: 0 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, there are two additional games that can be played in the High Roller’s Room. One of the games costs 125 BB Bucks and it replaces a nominee on the block. A houseguest can use their money to replace someone, but that replacement is then decided by a roulette wheel.

The biggest power available in the High Roller’s Room costs 250 BB Bucks. This game allows a houseguest to flip a coin to possibly take over as the Head of Household. It could lead to a huge power shift in the Big Brother house and that’s why it costs so much.

Big Brother spoilers about the Week 6 Veto Competition

Here are the Power of Veto spoilers from the past weekend. Four houseguests got to bet on who would win the Veto Competition and that will lead to some intriguing moments during the August 18 episode of Big Brother.

To summarize those Big Brother spoilers, Alyssa Lopez won the Power of Veto, and because Alyssa won the POV, it awarded Kyland Young with a second POV. Both of the powers can then be used at the Week 6 Veto Ceremony.

After the Veto Ceremony has concluded, two people will be on the block for the August 19 Eviction Ceremony. One of those houseguests is then going to become the first member of the BB23 jury this summer.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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