Big Brother spoilers: Power of Veto winner, first secret power revealed

Claire BB23 Punishment
Claire Rehfusss received a Big Brother punishment stemming from the Week 5 Veto Competition. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from Saturday night have revealed the Power of Veto winner. Or should we save Power of Veto winners.

A lot has happened in the Big Brother house over the past 48 hours, including the twist getting unleashed on the BB23 cast.

The High Roller’s Room was opened and the houseguests began playing the casino games, and we have details on the twist results here.

Additionally, Kyland Young won the Head of Household and then put Derek Frazier and Claire Rehfuss on the block. This set the stage for some drama, especially since Kyland and Derek F were only pretending to be at odds. Derek F is just a pawn.

Who won the Veto Competition?

Alyssa Lopez just won the OTEV Veto Competition. It means she has the power to change the nominations and take someone off of the block. Early indications are that she will just leave the nominations the same, but that could shift.

But that’s not all. A second Power of Veto has been won this week.

More Big Brother spoilers: Who won the second Power of Veto this week?

In the casino games, Kyland bet that Alyssa would win the POV. By betting on her and getting it correct, Kyland won the second Power of Veto for the week.

At the Monday Veto Ceremony (August 16), Alyssa will get a chance to use her POV first. Then, Kyland will get a chance to use his. And this is where manipulation of many BB23 cast members is about to take place.

Kyland claims that he will save Claire from the block and that he is going to put Britini D’Angelo up in her place. He has also relayed the information that Alyssa told him that she will not be using her POV. In this scenario, Britini would then become the first member of the BB23 jury.

Fans of Derek Xiao are understandably concerned on social media, as this could be an opportunity for The Cookout to send him packing. Since Kyland has the second POV, he could put up Derek X against Derek F. There are only eight votes, so even if it is only The Cookout who votes out Derek X, Kyland could break the 4-4 tie as the HOH.

At the same time, it’s unclear why Kyland feels that Britini is a huge target that he needs to get out of the house right now. But that’s where he currently stands unless he is trying to hide his true intentions from everyone else in the BB23 house.

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