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Big Brother High Roller’s Room details: Everything you need to know

BB23 Week 5 POV
The Power of Veto plays an important part in the Big Brother 23 High Roller’s Room. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother High Roller’s Room has been opened and four houseguests have placed bets on who is going to win the Week 6 Veto Competition. Through the Big Brother live feeds, quite a few details have been revealed about how the High Roller’s Room is going to work this summer.

During first America’s Vote of the Big Brother 23 season, fans were allowed to place up to ten votes to give their favorite houseguests money. The top three vote-getters received $100 each, the next three received $75 each, and the rest of the BB23 cast received $50 each.

The room is going to be open for three weeks, and it appears that each week will present a new casino game for people to bet on. Julie Chen Moonves hinted at what the powers would be that people could win, but we needed to wait to hear specifics. Some of those specifics have now been revealed by the houseguests.

The first casino game stemming from the High Roller’s Room is the ability to bet on who wins the Week 6 Veto Competition. By predicting the correct winner, that houseguest acquires a second Power of Veto this week. That POV can be used after the winner of the Veto Competition decides what they are going to do.

Spoilers: Who bet on the Big Brother Veto Competition?

According to what the houseguests have said on the feeds, four members of the BB23 cast used the High Roller’s Room and placed bets this week. Claire Rehfuss bet on Kyland Young to win the POV, Kyland bet on Alyssa Lopez to win it, Sarah Beth Steagall bet on Azah Awasum to win, and Derek Frazier bet on Britini D’Angelo to win it.

The Veto Competition takes place on August 14 and the players have already been selected. By the end of the night, we could have two Power of Veto necklaces in play that would then lead to an extremely interesting Veto Ceremony on August 16. It will also add another level of drama to the August 19 episode of Big Brother 23.

Who was given the most money through America’s Vote on BB23?

The houseguests have also been talking a lot about who received the most money from America and it has led to a lot of distrust in the game. Players like Derek Frazier are telling some houseguests different amounts of money than he is telling other people. He has already claimed he got $50, $75, and $100 to different people. Derek F did swear to Kyland that he received $100, though, so maybe that is the true number.

We will update this information as numbers get confirmed, but it looks like Derek Xiao, Derek Frazier, and Britini D’Angelo were the three people who received $100 in Week 1. Hannah Chaddha, Xavier Prather, and Tiffany Mitchell appear to have received $75. That means Kyland Young, Claire Rehfuss, Azah Awasum, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall received $50.

Again, since we can’t trust most of the stories the houseguests are telling each other, these are unofficial numbers that will get confirmed during the August 15 episode of Big Brother.

More casino games to come?

The High Roller’s Room remains open for three weeks, which seems to indicate that there will be a new power introduced to the BB23 cast each week. That has not yet been clarified, but since houseguests were allowed to save their money, it would make sense for more games to be coming down the line.

When the Veto Meeting was taking place on August 14 to pick players for the challenge, the houseguests were told how everything will work. The Big Brother live feeds were turned off for that, so we can only piece together information. So far, it sounds like one of the powers will impact how many people go on the block in one of the coming weeks, and another power seems to apply to overthrowing the HOH by flipping a coin. More details to come.

As we wait for more information and for the Big Brother 23 Veto Competition spoilers, please enjoy these videos of Sarah Beth Steagall singing in cosplay.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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