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Watch Big Brother 23 houseguest Sarah Beth Steagall perform as Sunny at maid cafe and as leader of girl group

Sarah Beth CosPlay
Sarah Beth Steagall performing as Calina for her girl group. Pic credit: Morning Sunrise Idols

Before Sarah Beth Steagall starred on Big Brother 23, she was featured as star athlete Sunny at a maid cafe in Florida. She also led a girl group of cosplay singers.

Performing as one of the anime maids, Sarah Beth enjoyed immersing herself in Japanese culture and singing in front of audiences at the cafe.

When Sarah Beth entered the Big Brother house this season, she talked about how she was going to pretend to be a voice actress for anime. That wasn’t a big stretch from what she was actually doing in her life.

The place where Sarah Beth worked is called Cafe Peko Peko and it is located in Central Florida. According to the Instagram page for the cafe, “Cafe Peko Peko is an independent convention-based maid cafe.”

In addition to working at the cafe as Sunny, Sarah Beth also performed as Calina for the girl group Morning Sunrise Idols.

Sarah Beth Steagall featured for Cafe Peko Peko

Below are two images featuring Sarah Beth as Sunny at the cafe.

There are also a number of videos online where Sarah Beth performs at the Florida mall where Cafe Peko Peko is located.

Below is a video where Sarah Beth performed as Sunny for the virtual version of Cafe Peko Peko. She begins performing at roughly the 2:35 mark of the video.

Sarah Beth performing as Calina for Morning Sunrise Idols

In the next video below, Sarah Beth explains why she enjoys being the leader of MoSuRi (Morning Sunrise). This is a girl group that she participated in for a while and for which she professes to be the leader.

Here is Sarah Beth performing as Calina for an audience in the mall:

And here is another video where Sarah Beth performed as Calina live on the stage:

What is a maid cafe?

For any readers who might be in the dark about what a maid cafe entails, it falls into a subcategory of cosplay restaurants that are found predominantly in Japan – the one where Sarah beth worked is located in Florida. The maids at these restaurants are typically big fans of anime, manga, and other aspects of otaku culture.

The waitresses play characters within the restaurants and dress as maids to serve the customers. It can mean a waitress has a backstory for her character and they act out that role. This all may have prepared Sarah Beth to act out a role that she is currently playing in the Big Brother house.

Sarah Beth Steagall on Big Brother 23

In her Big Brother bio, Sarah Beth stated that she was a forensic scientist from Florida. She did mention anime as one of her favorite things and she predicted that she would use floating as one of her strategies in the game. She has indeed been floating through the first part of the season.

As her time in the BB23 house continues, Sarah Beth is going to need to be careful, because Tiffany Mitchell just made her a huge target. In fact, there was even chatter about sending Sarah Beth home in Week 5 as the last person to not make it to the BB23 jury.

We do have some Power of Veto spoilers from the week that indicate how the eviction may go on Thursday for anyone who wants to read ahead.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.