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Big Brother live feed spoilers: Crazy weekend for BB23 cast paints two targets

Derek X As BB23 HOH
Derek Xiao got to be the Head of Household during Week 5 of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

This edition of the Big Brother live feed spoilers is brought to you by Tiffany Mitchell. Within the BB23 cast, Tiffany has spent more energy on getting Sarah Beth Steagall out of the house than eating, sleeping, or even breathing.

There were even a few moments during the weekend where it seemed like Tiffany was going to push for Sarah Beth to be the person evicted this week over the presumed replacement nominee that Derek Xiao will put on the block Monday (August 9).

On Saturday (August 7), the BB23 cast played another Veto Competition. The nominees (Britini D’Angelo and Sarah Beth) were joined by Derek X, Alyssa Lopez, Kyland Young, and Claire Rehfuss in playing for the Power of Veto.

Before they got down to business, Sarah Beth tried to convince Britini to throw the POV to her so that she could get herself off the block. Sarah Beth was selling the theory that Britini would be safe no matter what. Of course, Britini shared that information, giving Tiffany something extra to use against Sarah Beth.

Then, at the Veto Competition, Britini won the Power of Veto, meaning she will take herself off the block at the Veto Ceremony on Monday. That’s where the plan is for Derek X to put Christian Birkenberger on the block and carry out a backdoor blindside.

Tiffany wants Sarah Beth out of Big Brother house

Tiffany is very intimidated/upset about how close Sarah Beth and Kyland are inside the house. She has even gone as far as trying to spread the story that Sarah Beth and Kyland are a real-life couple who knew each other before they joined Big Brother.

Add that to Tiffany accusing Sarah Beth of making up her girlfriend, lying about her sexuality, being single, and scheming to destroy The Cookout alliance. The picture that is revealed is one where another possible vote flip could come and where Tiffany is doing everything she can to ruin Sarah Beth’s game.

This isn’t brand new information that Tiffany wants to get Sarah Beth out of the game, as she even took time to speak directly to the live feed cameras last week about her intentions.

An exciting Veto Meeting and more Big Brother live feeds drama

At some point on August 9, the BB23 cast will be taking part in a Veto Ceremony that will set the nominees for eviction this week. That’s where the real drama could get started when Derek Xiao puts Christian up on the block.

Christian and Alyssa still think that they are safe for the week, but Hannah Chaddha wants to warn them about what’s coming. If we can avoid the scenario where Hannah reveals the secret, then it could lead to some great moments and our first real drama of the season coming out on the live feeds. That could also lead to some good footage for upcoming Big Brother episodes.

Even after Christian and Sarah Beth become the final nominees for the week, there is chatter in the background about Sarah Beth possibly getting sent out before Christian. With so much time between the Veto Ceremony (Monday) and the next Eviction Ceremony (Thursday, August 12), maybe we could still see a vote flip that leads to Christian making it to the BB23 jury. Kyland is one person who really wants to keep Christian over Sarah Beth.

Stay tuned, because more Big Brother spoilers are coming from the live feeds this week.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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