How does the secret HOH work on Big Brother 23?

Coin Of Destiny Used On BB23
Tiffany was removed as HOH on Big Brother 23 when the Coin of Destiny was used. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 now has a secret HOH. The producers of Big Brother USA are trying out something that happened on Big Brother Canada and it has already been sprung on the BB23 cast.

During the last episode of Big Brother, viewers got to see as the Coin of Destiny was played. It allowed a new person to overthrow Tiffany Mitchell as the original HOH.

Claire Rehfuss won the secret competition and gained complete control of the Big Brother house. It allowed her the opportunity to even change the nominations for the week, but Claire stuck with Sarah Beth Steagall and Kyland Young as the people on the block.

From the early look at Week 8 in the Big Brother house, it appears that Claire missed out on a golden opportunity to break up The Cookout alliance. But Claire passed on that chance in an effort to keep working with Tiffany.

How does the secret HOH work on Big Brother 23?

After Claire became HOH, she secretly chose her nominees. Tiffany then had to move out of the HOH Room and it got locked up. From there, Claire could have remained the secret HOH, but she told Tiffany, who, in turn, told other members of The Cookout.

If someone wins the Power of Veto and replaces either Kyland or Sarah Beth on the block, then Claire secretly chooses the replacement nominee. Tiffany is protected this week due to her being the original HOH, but the other people were at risk. Here are the POV spoilers for any readers who want to jump ahead.

Moving forward, Claire has to throw the next HOH Competition, which ended up as part of the strategy that Tiffany used to make sure that everyone from The Cookout is eligible to play for the Week 9 HOH. If Claire completes in full, the second-place person becomes HOH.

Tiffany is also allowed to play for HOH again next week, so she could get the power back if she is able to beat out the rest of the BB23 cast again. This is why it could have been really interesting if Claire had not told people that she was the new HOH. Keeping it a secret would have led to some good drama and chaos in the game.

Is Coin of Destiny a failed twist on Big Brother 23?

When the Coin of Destiny was introduced on Big Brother 23, this seemed like something that could lead to a lot of excitement and really shake things up inside of the Big Brother house. Instead, it just ended up becoming another stepping stone for The Cookout to make it all the way to the end.

Tiffany ended up playing this situation strategically perfect. She got her target on the block, she controlled the nominations, and now she will be able to play for HOH again next week. She knows all this and it is one of the reasons The Cookout alliance did a cheer together on the Big Brother live feeds.

And as for Claire, she is going to have a lot of regrets about the way she has chosen to play the game these past few weeks.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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